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'Elite' Season 5: Samuel has a hard time keeping Ari and Benjamin happy

Samuel struggles with keeping both Ari and Benjamín happy, while Ari is all about having a good time
Ari and Samuel in ‘Elite’ Season 5 (Netflix)
Ari and Samuel in ‘Elite’ Season 5 (Netflix)

In Season 4 of 'Elite', Ari Commerford (Carla Diaz) and Samuel Garcia's (Itzan Escamilla) relationship was laced with chaos and drama. Ari's tangled love triangle also gets her into trouble. Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) freed Ari in the Season 4 finale to pursue a relationship with Samuel, whom he believes is the one Ari truly loves.

In Season 5, we'll see a change in Samuel, and he will approach Ari and seek a relationship so they can be together as a couple in Las Encinas. On the other hand, Samuel appears to be torn between Ari and Benjamín (Diego Martin), both of them are expecting something different from him. Samuel is having a hard time deciding who to listen to and what to do, and he feels like he is being tossed between them.


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Finally, Ari returns to school following the attack she survived in the previous season. She is more adventurous and fun now, and she wants to try out every opportunity she has, which includes a lot of things. Discipline, excellence, and achievement are now the three pillars of Las Encinas. In addition, principal Benjamin has implemented a few severe restrictions at the school to reduce the number of controversies. One of the rules is that teachers and parents will know where their children are at school. When they download the school app, their geolocation information is shared automatically. Students can't disable the feature. Sounds like a problem for the students.

Ari and Samuel in ‘Elite’ Season 5 (Netflix)

As we get closer to the show, Ari and Samuel will be hooking up in one of the rooms at the school, and Benjamin will surprise them and then bring both of them into his office to talk individually. Benjamin asks questions to Samuel as Ari's father and even states that he is betting on him and expects him to hold him in great respect. On the other hand, he will confront Ari as the school's principal, not as her father, and Ari explains to him that given the prior events, such as losing their mother and nearly losing Patrick, anything might happen at any time so it's best to appreciate the present. As this season clearly shows, Ari is all about having a good time, but Samuel appears to be having a difficult time dealing with the father-daughter duo. Not to forget, Samuel holds a secret that only Rebeca (Claudia Salas) knew from the school.

‘Elite’ Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.