'Elite' Season 5: A new student catches Patrick's eye

'Elite' Season 5: A new student catches Patrick's eye
Patrick and Ivan in ‘Elite’ Season 5 (Netflix)

We met The Commerford family in Season 4 of 'Elite' and they certainly created a lot of drama and chaos. With the return of Season 5 of 'Elite', we can expect a lot more frenzy from the family.

In the previous season, the three siblings were well-known for their dating status. This season, it appears that the three will tackle their relationships with open eyes and in new ways. In terms of Patrick's relationships, we've seen him in the previous season seducing both Omar Shanaa and Ander.


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At the beginning of the new season, you will see Patrick hooking up with Omar and they will then chat about Patrick's father and why he is so irritated by him. Yet, it seems like Patrick will not be interested in Omar this season since there is a new face in Las Encinas. Ivan catches Patrick's eye at first sight. He is a gorgeous straight boy with a drunk father and is also a brilliant soccer player. Not to mention the fact that he also drives an Ashton Martin.

Ivan in ‘Elite’ Season 5 (Netflix)


How do Patrick and Ivan meet?

Ivan, the new student at Las Encinas, asks Patrick for directions since he appears to be confused on his way to the locker room. And as Patrick looks into Ivan's eyes, you will undoubtedly experience feelings of love at first sight. And since Patrick is Patrick, he accompanies Ivan to the locker room. Later, they both enter the shower room, and Ivan tells Patrick that he is not gay.

Patrick waits for Ivan outside the school in ‘Elite’ Season 5 (Netflix)


Patrick is completely obsessed with Ivan at this point, and all he wants to do is be with him. So the next day, he waits for Ivan outside the school so that they can both enter together, but Ivan is late because his cool dad took his charger to charge his phone so that he could play music at his parties. As the episode continues, Patrick and Ivan get wasted, and Patrick then goes to Ivan at his house. Yet here's the thing -- Ivan claims to be straight and wants nothing more romantically with Patrick than to be his best buddy, but you'll see that he is playing some game with Patrick. So, are they going to be best friends or are they going to hook up?

Catch what will happen between Patrick and the new kid in ‘Elite’ Season 5 streaming on Netflix. 

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