'Elite' Season 4: Why is the family life of Ari, Patrick and Mencia so disturbed?

The Commerford family is certainly the new order to look out for on 'Elite' Season 4

                            'Elite' Season 4: Why is the family life of Ari, Patrick and Mencia so disturbed?
Mencia (Marina Carridi) and Patrick ( Manu Rios) star in 'Elite' Season 4 ([email protected])

The new entrants to Las Encinas, the Commerford family which includes father Benjamin (Diego Martin) who is tough as nails new principal and his three children, twins Ari (Carla Diaz), Patrick (Manu Rios) and Mencia (Martina Cariddi) are described in 'Elite's latest season by Ander Munoz (Aron Piper) as cancer that takes over the school. 

Harsh words, but the three Commerford siblings certainly do leave chaos in their wake. While Patrick by seducing both Omar Shanaa (Omar Ayuso) and Ander, threatens to destroy their serious relationship for good, the youngest Commerford sibling Mencia has turned to prostitution to fund her lifestyle, so she doesn't have to depend on her father who she shares an extremely contentious relationship with. A contentious relationship which is particularly pressurizing for Ari, the other Commerford sibling and the most responsible and some would say rigid of the three siblings, who finds herself constantly trapped between her demanding father and her rebellious younger sister. The Commerford family is certainly the new order to look out for on 'Elite' Season 4. 


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We get to understand the reason that Ari has to take so much responsibility for her younger sister, is because she is a surrogate mother of sorts to Mencia. The Commerford siblings lost their mother in a tragic car accident, in which Patrick was also grievously injured, leading to him being bedridden for two years. It then comes to light that Mencia ran away from home as a little girl and her mother in a desperate attempt to find her, put Patrick in the car and drove recklessly in her panic. This led to the car crash which killed the Commerford siblings' mother instantly and also led to their father quite possibly never really forgiving Mencia for her role in his wife's death. 

It's a tragedy which the family still bears the scars of quite clearly and which spills over into their relationships with others too. Patrick who after two years of being bedridden now lives life in a reckless and hedonistic manner, which Omar and Ander see close up, can be the key to their destruction. Rebeca (Claudia Salas) falls in love with the rebellious Mencia and vice versa but Rebeca has no clue that Mencia has begun to work as a high-end prostitute. Rebeca who has already been burned with trust issues seems to be all set to face them again. Ari on the other hand finds herself in a love triangle with Samuel Domínguez (Itzan Escamilla) and Guzman Osuna (Miguel Bernardeau). While it seems like Ari is more drawn to Samuel, the differences in their social standing have her gravitating more to Guzman. Love triangles however never end well on shows like 'Elite', so is that what has Ari admitted in a critical condition into the hospital on the verge of death? For that, you will have to catch the latest season of 'Elite' which premieres on June 18 on Netflix. 

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