'Elite' season 2: With fans shipping Omander, will Omar tell his parents about his love for Ander or will they elope?

'Elite' season 2: With fans shipping Omander, will Omar tell his parents about his love for Ander or will they elope?

'Elite' has introduced fans to several noteworthy relationships but top of the list and a fan-favorite is the relationship between Omar and Ander (played by Omar Ayuso and Arón Piper respectively).

'Elite' is noted for depicting gay intimacy in a frank and realistic way, as compared to other high school-based shows such as 'Riverdale' and 'Shadowhunters' that glorify gay love, albeit in an impressive way. Omar and Ander sharing some priceless moments of intimacy has fans wooing all over the explicitly sexy relationship.

The two are some of the most compassionate characters on the show. Ander is a budding tennis player who seems to be a nice boy. He is quiet and sensitive and keeps to himself while refraining from entertaining the taunts that his friends Guzman and Polo throw at new students. Ander belongs to a filthy rich family and later we get to know that he is also the principal's son.

Omar is the brother of Nadia, one of the transfer students, and also the best friend of Christian, another new student at Las Encinas. He belongs to a Muslim family which is very orthodox and has certain values which if disobeyed are considered a sin. The usual struggles of a teenager are more trivial for one who is a young queer teen who is facing conflicts with family values and sexuality. Omar was also under pressure from his father to get married to a girl they chose for him.

Omander in 'Elite'

The story of Omar and Ander begins when they meet each other out of the blue and an immediate attraction sparks between the two.

The relationship between remains a secret, as Omar being a Muslim would be looked down upon and Ander would also be shamed in his elite society for having an affair with someone from a lower class.

There may be a chance that Omar elopes with Ander. Ander may support the finances as they move away to live a happy life without being burdened by family values and society's mentalities. While Ander has come out to his parents about his sexual preference, it remains to be seen if Omar will take the same initiative? 

The challenges that the two lovers face hopefully find resolve in season two of 'Elite' as fans ship Omander.

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