Elia Olson: Wisconsin boy, 14, to be tried as an adult for shooting GF 3 times in the head over breakup

Elia Olson: Wisconsin boy, 14, to be tried as an adult for shooting GF 3 times in the head over breakup
Jazlene Jones was shot by her 14-year-old boyfriend, Elia Olson, after she tried to break up with him (GoFundMe)

RACINE, WISCONSIN: Elia Olson, a 14-year-old boy, will be tried as an adult for reportedly shooting his girlfriend, Jazlene Jones, at least three times in the head after she tried to end their relationship. Jones, 14, has been identified by family members and is expected to survive the incident.


Olson, a resident of Racine, was charged as an adult on Tuesday, January 10, with attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon, according to the criminal complaint, Racine County Eye reported, and faces 60 years in jail if found guilty. Jones informed investigators that she and Olson had gone to the city's railroad lines to smoke on Sunday, January 8, just before noon, about 25 miles south of Milwaukee. She reporteldy claimed that after telling Olson that she wanted to break up with him, he ordered her to turn off her phone before throwing it aside, aiming a white gun at her head, and firing a shot. Jones begged him to spare her life at this time, but he responded angrily, saying something to the effect of, "You have to die," and then fired two or three more times before fleeing.


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Jones was able to flee the scene and flag down a passing vehicle despite her injuries. She was taken to the hospital with three gunshot wounds to her head. One of the bullets, according to court documents, pierced her left cheekbone and lodged in her neck right below her carotid artery, as per The NY Post.


Jones apparently spoke clearly while in the hospital and named Olson as the person who shot her. Her family stated that she underwent significant surgery and has a number of other treatments coming up, but she was anticipated to survive.

A GoFundMe campaign was started to help Jones, a young girl with a single mom, cope with the difficult situation. On the GoFundMe page, Jones' family stated, "At 14 years old, this baby will now have to go through life through one eye and live with bullets in her neck and head."


The statement continued, "Considering Jazlene's condition/situation, she is in good spirits and is a walking miracle. Her family appreciates all the love, prayers and support that everyone has given. She has a long road to recovery with life altering injuries." Olson allegedly confessed to shooting his girlfriend "in a fit of rage over a Snapchat post and (a proposed) breakup," according to Fox 6.

Officers arrested him at a friend's house, where they also found two magazines for a 9mm handgun and a .22 handgun. Investigators also found bloody shoes and apparel at his home. The Racine County Eye reported that a judge ordered Olsin to stay away from Jones, her home, friends and family while being held on a $500,000 bond.

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