The Lies of Eleanor Williams: Woman's Liam Neeson-inspired rape story led 'suspects' to attempt suicide

The Lies of Eleanor Williams: Woman's Liam Neeson-inspired rape story led 'suspects' to attempt suicide
Eleanor Williams lied through her teeth about being raped and trafficked by lifting themes from popular movies and TV shows (Facebook)

CUMBRIA, ENGLAND: A woman, Eleanor Williams, spun an eloborate hoax about rape and sex trafficking by lifting themes from popular movies and television shows to accuse five men, she had only encountered by chance, of horrifying assaults on her. When she was 19, she lied in a Facebook post that an Asian grooming group used her as a pawn in sex trafficking and had drugged, beaten, blackmailed and threatened her with weapons. She got her comeuppance in the end as she was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison for spinning outlandish lies that badly affected the lives of the innocent men she falsely accused.


Williams' outlandish claims were compared in court to the plots of Liam Neeson's 'Taken', 'Gone Girl' featuring Ben Affleck as well as the BBC drama 'Three Girls', according to reports.


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'It's so many movies put together'

Mohammed Ramzan, who Williams falsely accused of grooming her from the age of 12, putting her to work in Amsterdam brothels and seeling her at an auction, claimed a portion of her story was inspired by 'Gone Girl'. "It's so many movies put together and you've just thrown my name in the mix and for what reason?" he stated in court, per BBC, adding, "It just baffles me. It's horrendous."


Williams was found guilty of eight counts of perverting the course of justice. The judge told Preston Crown Court that she has displayed "no significant signs of remorse," and her motivation for lying about being a rape victim was unknown. The court also found that three of the men she falsely accused, tried to end their lives in court, one had his wife desert him and a journalist had been forced to leave Cumbria with her daughter after receiving threats from far-right thugs. 

'Glad she was found out'

Social media played a significant role in the initial dissemination of her claims. A Facebook group called Justice for Ellie amassed more than 100,000 fans. However, when people found out about her falsehoods, they were horrified. "Wow totally shocked I followed this girl on justice for Ellie for yrs thinking she was. Victim her family kept updating everyone aswell absolutely shocking," wrote one user. "I'm disgusted that someone Could stoop so low and to set up a fb page for support they even had just giving pages for her legal fees people were sending money for her 8 yrs isn't long enough for destroying people's life's with her lies glad she was found out." Another user said, "This is actually so shocking and horrible and really annoys me how some people can be this evil to do such a thing…. It’s shocking how she’s only got 8 years!!! This girl has ruined peoples life’s… It upsets me cause people who generally do go through this.. and don’t get heard and this just takes the mic on actual victims !!" Another wrote, "Omg can’t believe it was all lies n she did all that to herself ! I remember this on fb I even joined the justice for Ellie group."


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 Eleanor Williams' web of lies: Woman made up rape story based on 'Taken', 'Gone Girl' and 'Three Girls'