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'El Deafo' Episode 2 Spoilers: Cece drops a fake friend and gains a true one

All Cece wants is for someone to like and accept her as she is, but the search isn't looking easy
 A still from 'El Deafo' (Apple TV+)
A still from 'El Deafo' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'El Deafo' Episode 2 'Sidekick Wanted' 

After 'Harriet the Spy' Apple TV+ has brought another cute and educative watch to screens called 'El Deafo'. The animated series is closely based on author Cece Bell's childhood as she grew up deaf and is from her viewpoint.

'El Deafo' sees the characters as anthropomorphic bunny rabbits with Cece being the bunny who is different from others. The first episode showed us how exactly she lost her sense of hearing and the difficulties she face initially. The episode ended with her embracing her inner superhero El Deafo and also making a new friend Ginny. Here's what happened in the second episode of the animation series.


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At first, the new girl Ginny (Sabrina Glow) is extremely friendly and welcomes Cece (Lexi Finigan) with open arms into her life and even invites her over for a sleepover along with her other friends. But what was supposed to be a happy fun event turns out to be hurtful when Ginny's friends realize Cece is deaf. In a very rude manner, Ginny says, "Cece is my deaf friend", by which Cece is taken aback. What follows is them trying to teach her sign language and give her a forceful makeover. Just when she thinks the pajama party is getting better as gets past this with the help of her imaginary alter ego El Deaofo who finds a way out, they switch off the lights in bed and talk, leaving her unable to lip read. This results in her asking her mom to take her home and realizing that Ginny is not the best friend she hoped to have.

A still from 'El Deafo' (Apple TV+)

Later in the episode, we see her come across another girl in the house across her street called Martha (Quinn Copeland). Cece is quite conscious of her hearing aids and hopes she doesn't notice them and likes her as is. Martha doesn't seem to notice she can't hear well and the two get along like a house on fire which sees her new friend even call her for a sleepover. But when they both are falling asleep Cece switches off her aids and drifts off only to be woken by a giggling Martha a few moments later, Martha shares that she found it funny that Cece just tuned her out by switching off her hearing aids. When Cece hears this she realizes that her new buddy knew about her hearing disability all along but didn't care. Cece assures her that it doesn't bother her and that they'll be friends no matter what.

So while Ginny may have left a bad taste in her mouth, Cece ended up finding a true friend in the form of Martha or as El Deafo calls her 'MarvyGirl', who accepts her, hearing device and all!

'El Deafo' is now streaming on Apple TV+.