Eagles fans busted from same bathroom stall, fans joke 'best play of the game'

'Best bathroom video since Kirsten Synema' jokes internet after women caught in men's bathroom, led to the Eagles fans being escorted out of the stadium by cops

                            Eagles fans busted from same bathroom stall, fans joke 'best play of the game'
Screenshots of the video from the Bank of America stadium showing a girl in a stall at the men's bathroom during the Panthers game (@TheDougRush/Twitter)

Two Philadephia Eagles fans were left red-faced after cops and Eagle-eyed attendees caught them in the same stall at a bathroom in the Bank of America Stadium. The incident has since gone viral, with multiple jokes and videos now making their way all over the internet. The couple has not been identified, but they've certainly made quite a name for themselves. 

As crowds have returned to stadiums all over the US, numerous fans have since gone viral for their antics and occasionally heroics. In September, a video went viral of fans catching a falling cat with an American flag at the Hard Rock Stadium. The stadium was also in the news in June, albeit for its absence of fans for the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. The US Open also made headlines in September, after fans were left queuing for hours outside the stadium due to the sudden implementation of a vaccine mandate.


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There have also been a few fights breaking out around grounds, but on October 10, it was the couple's closeness that got all the attention. The incident led to police being called, and the duo being escorted out with a huge crowd of screaming fans following. 


Busted for their bathroom break

At the moment, there's a lot of conflicting information out there about the incident. We do know for a fact it occurred at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. On October 10, the Carolina Panthers were playing the Philadelphia Eagles, but all eyes weren't on the action on the ground. Instead, it appears the couple was engaged in some action of their own, at a men's bathroom stall. 

It's not clear how they were caught, but we can confirm the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) was dispatched to the bathroom. Video shows three officers opening the stall, as a crowd of fans stands around it screaming. They then handcuffed the man while the girl is led away by the wrist. Some tweets say the girl was a minor, and the duo was engaged in sexual intercourse, but we have not been able to confirm those allegations. 

A representative for the CMPD could only confirm that the police were called because a woman was seen in the men's bathroom, which is a violation of stadium policy. The rep also confirmed that the duo was not arrested, but simply escorted out of the stadium. Here's the video as uploaded to Twitter by one user with the caption, "Eagles fan gets arrested at the Panthers game for what appears to be having sex with an underage girl at Bank of America Stadium."



'Can’t take Philly fans anywhere'

The video instantly went viral, as the couple became the subject of some trolling. "Best bathroom video since Kirsten Synema being harangued by the chick who looked llke a jelly donut!" one user commented. Another joked, "Can’t take Philly fans anywhere." One commented, "Wait so both the field streaker and the bathroom stall festivities folks were all Eagles fans???? Love that for us, Go Birds."





"I Think these Eagles fans may have misinterpreted the Panthers' 'Keep Pounding' motto....." another dryly noted. One user called the news the "Best play of the game." One person commented, "Stay classy Eagles fans. Sex in a stadium bathroom sounds gross enough—weirder still at a road game."





The incident certainly took all the attention away from the game. If you are wondering, the Eagles beat the Panthers 18-21. But of course, fans had other things to talk about. It's unclear if the duo has been permanently banned from the stadium.

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