'DWTS' Disney Night: Fans praise Daniella Karagach for Iman Shumpert's splendid lifts

The judges were left speechless at Iman Shumpert's display of his strength as fans gushed over Daniella Karagach's choreography

                            'DWTS' Disney Night: Fans praise Daniella Karagach for Iman Shumpert's splendid lifts
Daniella Karagach and Iman Shumpert in 'Dancing With The Stars' (Instagram/dancingabc)

For some stars on 'Dancing With The Stars' it takes a while to build momentum and come into their own. While NBA basketball star Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach are fan favorites, their height difference certainly makes it a little harder for them to pull off specific dances. But it looks like now, the duo has finally found the spark they've been looking for.

Shumpert managed to impress the judges with his 'Disney Heroes Night' performance; he was all set to blow their minds with his 'Disney Villains Night' show. He and pro Daniella Karagach danced the Argentine Tango to 'Arabian Nights' from 'Aladdin'. Karagach pulled out all the stops with a set of intense lifts that had everyone in shock and awe at how effortlessly Shumpert executed them.


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Derek Hough struggled to find the right words as Shumpert's ending and closing lifts were 'iconic', as he explained, stating that he was truly speechless. Bruno Tonioli noted that it was a feat of magical strength, while Carrie Ann Inaba called it one of the most magical performances she has seen on the show. Len Goodman also pointed out that this was one of the best performances he'd seen from Shumpert so far. The duo scored 33 out of 40, while earning 9s from both Inaba and Hough. Their grand total was 63 out of 80. 

While Shumpert's performance was nothing short of impressive, since he did the heavy lifting, fans could not stop gushing over Karagach. They were all praises for her choreography and the way she used Shumpert's height and strength to their advantage. "Iman and Daniella were everything. The strength in that man is incredible. I thought he was lifting a doll at first. Fabulous! They deserved nines. #DWTS" tweeted a fan.

"I came to throw a slight fit about Arabian Nights being the Aladdin song and not the Prince Ali Reprisal… …but Daniella LITERALLY being Iago on Iman's shoulder was FLAWLESS #DWTS #ImanAndDanirlla #VillainsNight" stated another. "if daniella keeps having him do insane lifts like he did tonight iman shumpert may become one of my top 5 in dwts. dude is just trying his best and while he's a little awkward bc of the height watching him throw his partner around like tonight is a BLAST" said a fan.

"I really hope Daniella wins a season of #DWTS because she be dancing her ass off and really bringing shit out of her Stars. Because ain't no way Nelly should have been third place last season and and Iman just got 9s lmao" pointed out another. "daniella is becoming one of my favorite pros. i loved her with nelly last season and she's killing it with iman this season. #dwts" added a fan. "Daniella choreographed the hell out of that routine. That was like old school #DWTS level. Whew!!" tweeted a user. 













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