'DWTS' Britney Week: Judges ask Suni Lee to be more sensual, fans say she's just 18

"Suni is 18 Sasha is 37 and these judges wonder why Suni feels uncomfortable" stated a fan, as they felt the song choice was too mature for Lee.

                            'DWTS' Britney Week: Judges ask Suni Lee to be more sensual, fans say she's just 18
Suni Lee and Sasha Farber as seen on 'Dancing With The Stars' (Instagram/Dancing With the Stars/ ABC)

With Britney Week upon us, the stars on 'Dancing With The Stars' went all out when it came to their performances. If anything, it was proof that they definitely spent hours in rehearsal, trying to get it right. For Olympic athlete Suni Lee, managing 'DWTS' with her daily schedule is no cakewalk.

Lee opened up about just how grueling her daily schedule is. From school to gymnastic practice to dancing on the show, Lee is a busy woman. However, she has been enjoying performing and takes it in stride. This week, she and pro Sasha Farber danced the Foxtrot to 'I'm A Slave 4 U' by Britney Spears. And while she scored fairly okay, fans were livid regarding the judges' feedback. 


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Here's what the judges had to say -- Len Goodman pointed out that although it was a good effort, they failed to capture the true essence of the foxtrot. Carrie Ann Inaba noted that Lee was uncomfortable during the slightly more sensual moves and that she should work on that aspect. Even Bruno Tonioli stated that a steamy performance is sometimes good, as 'moisture lets you grow'. The judges gave her a score of 21 out of 30. 

Fans, however, were angry with the feedback, pointing out that the song voice was terrible for Lee, seeing that she is 18 years old. Moreover, during their practice, Lee even mentioned she has a light-hearted partnership with Sasha Farber, who she claims makes' dad jokes'. So for her to have channeled a sensual attitude was not easy. 

"They gave Suni the worst song choice for Britney week imo. She handled it well but she did look uncomfortable #dwts" tweeted a fan. "Suni does seem really over this show and after those uncomfortable judge comments, i kinda wanna get her out of here #dwts" added another. "I really didn't like Carrie Ann criticizing Suni bec it's a sensual song and she's so young. She had a smirk on her face and I didn't like that sht. Get a grip Carrie Ann. She's a young Olympian and she doesn't have to act so "out there" for a dance for you #DWTS" argued another.

#dwts I feel like Suni is getting better but I feel like this dance was just too mature for her. Poor girl is busy af and gymnastics really doesn't help with dance at all" sympathized a fan. 
"Suni is 18 Sasha is 37 and these judges wonder why Suni feels uncomfortable ffs "pointed out a fan. "How are you gonna give Suni and Sasha "Slave 4 U" and expect it to be romantic and not sexy? It's legit a song about being a sex slave like I'm confused  #DWTS" argued another. 












What do you think? Should Lee have been given a better song? Are the judges asking for too much from her? Sound off below. 

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