Dwayne Johnson brags he 'didn't suck' at rap debut, fans say Moana song was harder

Social media users did not shy away from reminding him that he earlier worked with Wyclef Jean and even dropped a quick verse in 'Moana'

                            Dwayne Johnson brags he 'didn't suck' at rap debut, fans say Moana song was harder
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in a still from 'Face Off' (YouTube/@StrangeMusicInc)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a former WWE champion, a current Hollywood icon, and a successful businessman and if this was not enough the ‘Jumanji’ star has now forayed into hip-hop with his powerhouse rap anthem called ‘Face Off’. The California native decided to show off his rap skills after he got featured on iconic rapper Tech N9ne’s new song alongside rappers Joey Cool and King Iso.
The 49-year-old award-winning star took to his official Twitter and Instagram account to share his “historic rap debut” with his fans and followers. However, social media users did not shy away from reminding the actor that he earlier hopped on the mic when he got featured on Wyclef Jean’s 2011 song ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ and even dropped a quick verse on Moana’s famous track ‘You’re Welcome’. Dwayne also spoke to Variety about his rap debut where he answered about the possibility of a music career.

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‘Made my historic rap debut (thankfully) I didn’t suck’

Dwayne seemed pretty excited as he shared his first rap song on social media. Taking to Twitter, he said, “Made my historic rap debut (thankfully) I didn’t suck. Huge shout to all the hip hop & music fans for your HYPE reactions that are straight f**king fire.” While on Instagram, Dwayne asserted, “Grateful and humbled to make my rap debut with these hip hop kings as I was just trying to deliver a rhythm, flow, energy & intensity that didn’t suck.”

Dwayne’s rap debut ‘Face-Off’ is listed as the sixth track on Tech N9ne’s 23rd studio album called ‘ASIN9NE’. In the song, the actor appears in the end as he raps, “It's about drive, it's about power/ We stay hungry, we devour/ Put in the work, put in the hours and take what's ours/ Black and Samoan in my veins, my culture bangin' with Strange/ I change the game so what's my mother**kin' name (Rock).”  The former wrestling champion spoke to Variety about the possibility of a music career in the future. He said, “The direct answer is no. But I did see an opportunity here to create a song that really inspired and motivated me to push for more and fight for more.” He continued, “If the song is right and if the collaboration feels real and authentic, I would love that. I would love to do a repeat with Tech N9ne and Strange Music.” Dwayne further shared, “If I could rap about the right words that feel real and authentic to me, then I’ll be happy to break out that Teremana, take a few big swigs, and jump back into the studio.”








‘Lots of respect but this is pretty bad’

Social media users seemed more than happy to troll the actor as they reminded him of his previous music projects. One user reminded the actor, “He was on a Wyclef track 20 years ago” as another posted, “Real ones know he already did this before the crunk era, but this is still super cool.” The next one shared, “His verse on "Your Welcome" from Moana was way harder. he spazzed on it.”
Meanwhile, one user tweeted, “Lots of respect but this is pretty bad.” Another individual asserted, “He was already a rapper. Didn’t you watch Moana? You’re welcome.” One person said, “Oh you gotta go years before that to hear him rap on a track with Slick Rick called Pie on WWF the music vol. 5” as another chimed in and stated, “I can't believe we live in a world now where "ft. dwayne the rock johnson" is a completely unironic addition to a rap song holy s**t.” Another user concluded, “We not about to act like @TheRock was spitting on Face Off.”










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