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'Dumbest decision possible': Angry 'The Circle' fans slam Raven for blocking Marvin over Jennifer

Raven was upset when Marvin referred to Tamira as his queen, and stated that she no longer trusted him
Marvin and Raven in 'The Circle' Season 5 episode 11 (Netflix)
Marvin and Raven in 'The Circle' Season 5 episode 11 (Netflix)

MANCHESTER, UK: In episode 11 of Season 5 of 'The Circle', Raven Sutton confronts Marvin Achi after a devastating betrayal. Raven's "emotional" decision-making has irked fans of the renowned Netflix series, who are well aware of the competition and how tactful contestants can get to save themselves.

Marvin's violation of Raven's trust and eventual exit from the game was one of the most dramatic events in the most recent set of episodes released. Marvin's infatuation with two contestants caused him to be perceived as a player. His efforts to date Raven and Tamira (who he was unaware was the catfish Tasia Lesley) not only cost him his popularity rating, but also resulted in a "block" from the lady he desired. Marvin and Raven had a deep bond on 'The Circle', with him referring to her as his "queen" and clearly caring for her. But all changed when Raven found he had been disloyal behind her back.


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Marvin and Raven in 'The Circle' Season 5 episode 11 (Netflix)
Marvin and Raven in 'The Circle' Season 5 episode 11 (Netflix)

Raven was upset when he referred to Tamira as his queen, and she stated that she no longer trusted him. To add fuel to the fire, contestant Tom Haughton messaged the ASL performer, saying he didn't trust Marvin after the chemical engineer "bragged about receiving freaky pictures from Tamira." Raven was outraged after her conversation with Tom since Marvin, the so-called feminist, had also been rude to Tamira by making similar allegations to others behind Tamira's back. Raven looked quite adamant that she didn't want Marvin in the game anymore, pointing out that he didn't deserve the two women.

However, things changed once Sam Carmona revealed that Jennifer aka catfishes Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson had hacked Chaz's account. This information perplexed Raven as the two influencers debated whether to block Jennifer, Tom, or "the dog" Marvin in order to send a clear message. In the end, the two picked Marvin for the dishonor, which the other players believed was prompted only by emotions.

Tom, Marvin, Brett and Xanthi in 'The Circle' Season 5 episode 11 (Netflix)
Tom, Marvin, Brett and Xanthi in 'The Circle' Season 5 episode 11 (Netflix)

Angry fans took to Twitter to express their disbelief. One wrote, "I’m convinced the people on the circle are told to make the dumbest decisions possible when they’re influencers because you’re telling me that even after sam figured out that jennifer was the hacker, SHE STILL CHOSE TO BLOCK MARVIN????" Fans fear that Raven is letting her feelings get in the way, which would ultimately make her lose the game. "Raven is playing the game with her feelings and I don’t like that. She’s going to lose The Circle. Should have used Marvin until the end," someone pointed out. Another asked, "Whhhhy tf would you send Marvin home bc he talking to Tamira when yall kneeeeew Jennifer was the fu**ing hackereerrrrrrrffff #TheCircleNetflix imPISSSSSSED." Someone noted, "I really wish Raven cut Marvin off romantically but kept him in the game strategically. He was probably the biggest asset to her game cause he unwaveringly ranked her first. Even Chaz flip flops between her and Sam. Yikes that was so hard to watch."





A disappointed fan tweeted, "I love Raven down but she really got too caught up in that Marvin situation. They came out and said they were trying to take the originals out and you chose to send one of your own home?!?!" Calling the block "emotional", another person wrote, "Nah WTF #TheCircleNetflix Why TF would y’all block Marvin!!! Emotional a** blocking Get Jennifer MF ass up out of this hoe!!!" Some fans are mad at Raven for not focusing on the game and getting caught up in love as one wrote, "Raven is burning me out. girl this ain’t flava of love. It’s the circle why is you so pressed over Marvin?" "Why would raven & Sam block Marvin right now knowing Tom & Jennifer a duo who will still have numbers against her??? so u get rid of him when he gone be your ally regardless? I didn’t expect these 2 of all to be this dumb especially Sam figuring it all out, " another said.





Episodes 1 to 12 of 'The Circle' Season 5 are streaming now exclusively on Netflix.

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