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‘The Circle’ Season 5: Raven Sutton blocks Marvin Achi after bitter betrayal

Emotions were clearly in the driving seat as Raven Sutton blocked Marvin Achi for lying to her and breaking her trust
Marvin Achi and Raven Sutton on 'The Circle' (Netflix)
Marvin Achi and Raven Sutton on 'The Circle' (Netflix)

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM: Netflix served a fresh batch of 'The Circle' episodes on Wednesday, January 11, with piping-hot drama and a side of spicy chaos. The four new episodes saw fresh alliances built, hearts broken, and, of course, some players blocked.

Perhaps the most dramatic moment was fitness geek and chemical engineer Marvin Achi’s betrayal of Raven Sutton's trust and his eventual exit from the game. Marvin’s flirtationship with two contestants led to him being seen as a player. His attempts to date both Raven and Tamira (who he was unaware is the catfish Tasia Lesley) not only cost him his ranking on the popularity poll but also caused an eventual "block" from the girl he wanted.


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Marvin Achi on 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)
Marvin Achi on 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)

Marvin and Raven had a strong connection on ‘The Circle’, with him calling her his “queen” and seeming to truly care for her. This all changed, however, when Raven discovered that he had been unfaithful behind her back. Raven was heartbroken after he called Tamira his queen, and said she doesn't trust him anymore. Adding fuel to the fire, contestant Tom Haughton messaged the ASL performer to tell her that he did not trust Marvin either after the chemical engineer “bragged about receiving freaky pictures from Tamira.”

Raven Sutton on 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)
Raven Sutton on 'The Circle' Season 5 (Netflix)

After her chat with Tom, Raven was enraged since Marvin, the so-called feminist, had also been disrespectful to Tamira by making such claims to the others behind Tamira’s back. Noting that Marvin did not deserve the two ladies, Raven seemed pretty convinced that she did not want him in the game anymore. But things took a turn after Sam Carmona’s revelation about Jennifer (aka catfishes Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson) having hacked Chaz’s account. This new information confused Raven as the two influencers pondered if they should block Jennifer, Tom, or “the dog” Marvin to send a clear message. In the end, the duo chose Marvin for the dishonor, which the other players noted was possibly a decision driven purely by emotions.

Netflix will drop new episodes of ‘The Circle’ Season 5 on Wednesday, January 18.