Drunk man takes off trousers in-flight, abuses crew before being booted off plane

Drunk man takes off trousers in-flight, abuses crew before being booted off plane
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A Ryanair flight bound to fly to Dublin from Alicante airport got delayed by almost 40 minutes after an intoxicated young man reportedly created a nuisance inside it and took off his trousers. However, later he was taken out of the flight by police officers. The incident reportedly happened on Monday afternoon, February 7.

The passengers who were on the same plane said that the man in question “seemed to be intoxicated” and refused to wear his pants even when asked by the staff of the flight and became “abusive”. He also misbehaved when he was asked to keep his bag of duty free bottles inside the cabin locker. He reportedly said that the bottles “were his presents”.



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A flyer whose wife was apparently sitting near that unnamed passenger explained what he heard from her. Speaking with the Irish Mirror, he said, “Nobody noticed anything when he got on, he didn't seem too bad but when he sat down he got up and took off his trousers. [My wife] said that he said to the woman beside him that he gets very hot on the plane, and then she said to me, 'I kind of copped then he was under the weather'. He had bottles on his lap, maybe four or five litres of spirits, and the stewardess asked to take them off him because she wanted to stow them up safely.”

The man went on to say, “But he wouldn't let them go, he said they were presents and they weren't taking them and he got a bit hysterical then. Then they called the other cabin steward and he came down and they were just trying to pacify him and he got a bit abusive then and told them he couldn't take his stuff and he had rights.”

At that point of time, the plane was about to fly and the suspect had worn his trousers but by then someone “made the decision” to take him out of the plane “as he refused to cooperate with anything,” the passenger stated. He said: “As [my wife] was saying from chatting with people afterwards, thank God they got him off because if he was like that now, what would he have been like in an hour's time into the flight. [The cabin crew] handled it extremely well, there was no big bust-up, there was no violence. It was three policemen who came on first, then there was another three, so I don't know whether they thought he was going to get rough or not.”

The passenger added, “People were afraid, they were more afraid of what could have happened if the stewardess had not intervened because he was getting lairy. He wasn't threatening anyone...but you never know, if it was an hour into the flight it would have been twice as bad.”

Following the incident, a spokesperson for Ryanair issued a statement that noted, “This flight from Alicante to Dublin (07 February) was delayed ahead of take-off after a passenger became disruptive on board. Crew alerted local police who removed the passenger from the aircraft, and the flight departed following a short delay of approx. 40 mins. Ryanair apologises to affected passengers for this delay.”


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