DRUNK ON A PLANE! Video of maskless passengers drinking and vaping on Sunwing flight goes viral

The flight from Montreal to Cancun threw all precautions to the wind amid Omicron scare

                            DRUNK ON A PLANE! Video of maskless passengers drinking and vaping on Sunwing flight goes viral
Sunwing plane turned into a nightclub (vincesaysstuff/Twitter)

A chartered flight flew out of Canada with a bunch of wild passengers on board. In a video that has gone viral, the passengers are seen vaping and drinking amid the surge in Covid cases. Disregarding all Covid protocols, all that the selfie-obsessed passengers cared about was having a good time staying under the influence.

In addition to the unmasked, careless group, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a yellow colored vaping device were seen in multiple frames. The alleged social media 'influencers' are seen snapping pictures and taking videos, dancing and jumping between aisles when the flight was in the air. 


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This video went viral on Twitter and reached the eyes of Canada's minister of transport. Minister Omar Alghabra said the behavior of the passengers was 'unacceptable' especially on a flight; and the risks of Covid-19 must be taken with utmost seriousness. He said, "The health and safety of on-board personnel as well as passengers during a flight is a top priority. Passengers on Sunwing’s flight to Cancun will be held accountable for their actions.”


The tweet that went viral was captioned, "In case you’re wondering why Sunwing is trending… No, it didn’t go out of business (yet). Moronic Quebec “influencers” decided to turn a Cancun-bound plane into their own personal nightclub."

As reported by The Toronto Star, some of these influencers have been seen on reality TV shows. This video from a day before New Year's Eve shows several passengers present in close proximity of one another and wearing no masks. The statement shared by Alghabra said that Transport Canada has contacted the airline via which these passengers travelled from Montreal to Cancun. Each could face fines of up to $5,000.

Rena Kisfalvi, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees said via a phone call that, "There’s a point where if you lose the control, you can’t get it back sometimes." She added, "compliance with mask rules has been a massive issue." "I’m not sure where Transport Canada is on this. Why haven’t you done more?” Kisfalvi asked.

On the other hand, Sunwing put out a statement saying, "Unfortunately, the group did not accept all of the terms. As a result of our ongoing investigation and the group’s refusal to accept all terms of carriage, we have made the decision to cancel the return flight. We regret any inconvenience to the passengers."

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