'Dr Pimple Popper': Jaclyn has to fight fear of needle to get rid of pear-shaped bump

'Dr Pimple Popper': Jaclyn has to fight fear of needle to get rid of pear-shaped bump
Jaclyn on 'Dr Pimple Popper' (TLC)

Fear of needles or trypanophobia can be pretty crippling, preventing many people from seeking medical assistance. But Jaclyn was so distressed by a pear-shaped bump growing on the back of her head that she decided to put her fears aside and turned to Dr Sandra Lee aka 'Dr Pimple Popper' for help with getting rid of it.

Ahead of meeting Dr Lee, Jaclyn explains the severity of her fear of needles. She shares that she isn't a 'fan of needles', and has never had stitches, or broken a bone, or ever needed surgery aside from getting her root canal removed. So understandably she was feeling extremely anxious about getting the bump removed. What sets Dr Lee apart from several other top dermatologists is her impeccable bedside manners. When Dr Lee sensed that Jaclyn was afraid of needles, she immediately went the extra mile to make sure that her patient wasn't feeling overwhelmed or any further stressed.


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Having removed several lipomas during her career, Dr Lee was pretty confident about safely removing Jaclyn's pear-shaped bump in the back of her head. But she also wanted to make Jaclyn feel comfortable during the entire process, so Dr Lee began making small conversation with her and explaining what she was doing to remove Jaclyn's lipoma. 

Dr Lee soon realized that she couldn't just cut open and push out the lipoma, but would instead have to remove it piece by piece. While that's definitely a safe way to detach the lipoma from her head, it would however add further stress to Jaclyn as the constant cutting sound emitted by the scissors could trigger her fear. So, Dr Lee began calmly working on it and explained to Jaclyn that while she would feel a bit of pressure and prodding, she should however not feel anything sharp or pointed in her head.

Dr Sandra Lee works on Jaclyn's lipoma on 'Dr Pimple Popper' (TLC)


As Dr Lee began cutting away the lipoma she felt that it was endless. She compared it to a Moshi ball. After she was almost done, Dr Lee realized that there was a little more left. So she would have to widen and deepen the cuts to remove the lipoma residue. In her confessional, Dr Lee hopes that Jaclyn can bear it and lets her finish the removal. However, it looks like Jaclyn got scared as she suddenly jumped because she felt something in her head. So we will definitely have to watch the episode to see if Dr Lee could successfully remove the bump and if Jaclyn could face her fears and go through the procedure.

'Dr Pimple Popper' is available for streaming on TLC & Discovery +.

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