'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Lee removes lump that had been a pain in Adrian's butt

Adrian wants her figure to be perfect, but the bump on her butt is spoiling everything, thanks to Dr Lee for helping her to remove the bump

                            'Dr Pimple Popper': Dr Lee removes lump that had been a pain in Adrian's butt
Adrian and her hump on butt in 'Dr Pimple Popper' (TLC)

'Dr Pimple Popper' fans can never be short on the drama or the relief from watching Dr Sandra Lee expertly pop a zit, drain a pus-filled lump or correct a malformed growth. Fans of the TLC show while grossed out, watch intently as the doctor gives back her clients a reason to smile and sigh in relief. 

'Dr Pimple Popper' Season 7 Episode 2 featured three patients as Dr Lee got down to help them get rid of their skin aberrations. Adrian was among those three patients successfully treated by Dr Lee. Adrian, while having the perfect sunny disposition was immensely conscious about having a perfect figure and body. She loves to see herself in the ideal figure, but the bump on her butt was making matters difficult for her. Adrian revealed that she fell down from stairs a few years back and was injured at the same point where she developed the bump. Exercising or any strenuous physical activity had become cumbersome for Adrian, thanks to the lump. Adrian assumed it to be a lipoma and wanted Dr Lee to pop it out, taking all the fat mass that was gathered at the spot.


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For those unfamiliar with lipoma, it is a fatty lump most often situated between the skin and the underlying muscle layer. Lipomas are slow-growing and usually harmless. Rarely they can be cancerous. However, Dr Lee was not sure that the bump was a kind of lipoma because, according to her, a lipoma can't develop itself at any injured spot. Dr Lee cracked some jokes with Adrian when she found that Adrian was sitting all naked in the room waiting for Dr Lee to bump the lump from her tushy. 

Dr Lee discussed with her nurses and decided to use the vacuum to take out the fluid from the bump. Dr Lee used her favorite surgery tool, a marker, to mark the points on Adrian's butt and started with the vacuum machine taking out a reddish fluid from the bump. Dr Lee removed the lump and left Adrian with a plain butt. Andrian was very delighted and thankful. Dr Lee was also happy to meet a patient with no shyness and was all excited about her surgery. Dr Lee said," I have never met such a patient and will remember her (Adrian) throughout my whole life."

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