'RHOC': Ryne says he's 'still coming around' to Dr Jen, fans say 'divorce is imminent'

Several fans took to Twitter to express their two cents on 'RHOC' star Dr Jen and Ryne's marriage

                            'RHOC': Ryne says he's 'still coming around' to Dr Jen, fans say 'divorce is imminent'
'RHOC' star Dr Jennifer Armstrong with her husband Ryne Holliday (Jennifer Armstrong/ Instagram)

After watching Bravo's 'Real Housewives' franchise for years, many fans have picked up the special skill of detecting a bad marriage and impending divorce. So when the recently aired episode of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' featured newbie Dr Jen Armstrong and her husband Ryne Holliday, fans began seeing a series of red flags in the couple's relationship.

Dr Jen and her husband were attending a party hosted by Heather Dubrow to celebrate the book release of their daughter Max Dubrow. At the party, Heather and Dr Jen were exchanging stories of how they met their husbands. Dr. Jen revealed that she met Ryne during a breakfast buffet and reportedly fell in love with him at first sight. She immediately decided that she would marry him, but apparently, it took Ryne a few years to come around to Dr Jen.


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Heather got very curious and asked Ryne how he felt about his wife now that they were married. Ryne admitted that he was "still coming around". While Dr Jen laughed it off, Heather and the audience were left feeling weirded out by the new housewife's marriage. In her confessional, Heather could be heard openly wondering what Ryne's response meant and if he was still trying to fall in love with Dr Jen.

Several fans took to Twitter to express their two cents on Dr Jen and Ryne's marriage. A fan tweeted, "Jen and Ryne are weird. #rhoc." "So let's cut the sh*t Jens husband Ryan or Ryne or whatever his name is does NOT like Jen. He barely tolerates her, but he loves to not have work, and be able to run around with his shirt off, and dog under his arm. #RHOC," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "Ryne and “Dr.” Jen seem like they can’t wait to be done with their marriage #RHOC #BravoTV."







Another fan observed, "So Ryne is still trying to “come around” to Dr Jen?? This relationship is beyond bizarre. #RHOC." "Ryne hates Dr. Jen omg #RHOC," pointed out a fan. "Dr. Jen looks for every chance to roll Ryne under the bus. Divorce is imminent. #RHOC," predicted a fan.





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