'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Mirana dead? New villain shocks everyone

'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 introduced a new, menacing villain at the end and killed someone that changes the entire course of the seri

                            'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Mirana dead? New villain shocks everyone
A still from 'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 (Netflix)

Season 2 of the highly anticipated series ‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ has finally arrived on Netflix and if Season 1 was just the beginning of an epic journey, then the newest edition takes the journey forward in the most thrilling way possible. The beginning of Season 2 sees Davion (Yuri Lowenthal) brought back to the towers. However, we soon see Terrorblade taking over the father and wreaking havoc on everyone.

As the season progresses, we see Davion reaching Mirana’s (Lara Pulver) kingdom to watch The Eye. However, Shabarra was adamant that he won’t let anyone have it. Davion gets angry and the Dragon takes over him. He kills Shabarra by throwing him to the ground. However, the Dragon meets his match in the form of Lina, who is known as the Child of Fire.


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One more devastating thing takes place when Vanari kills Mirana with one of her arrows. She is covered in gold. When others feel that the Princess had died, she comes back from the dead when sun rays touch her body. That’s why she is called Princess of the Sun. However, when Davion finally gets the chance to touch The Eye, nothing happens, which leads him to believe that The Eye is fake.

With everything happening around them, a new villain emerges. Who is he? and were they able to defeat him? Let’s take a look.

A still from 'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 (Netflix)


‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Who became the new heir to the throne?

After Shabarra was killed, the kingdom was looking for a new ruler. Legatus came forward with her loyal beings and claimed to be the next ruler of the kingdom. She’s rich and funds the most for the kingdom’s army. However, Lina also puts a claim on the throne and tells the council that she should be the Regent now. While they are making their claims, Kashurra and Asar reveal that Princess Mirana is alive and will be leading the throne.

Lina says that she abandoned the city and her kingdom and it was her who saved everyone when they needed help. When Legatus got to know, she won’t be the next ruler, she extended her support to Lina, and Lina was crowned the new ruler.

A still from 'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 (Netflix)


‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2: Who emerged as the new villain?

After everyone got to know that The Eye in the throne room was fake, they went to another place to find it. They entered a castle where every precious thing was put. Davion, Mirana, Bram, and Auroth reach there, but soon they realize someone else is also there. It’s Kashurra. Everyone believes that Kashurra hid The Eye so that no person with malicious intent could get their hands to it.

However, Auroth senses that there is some dark power here. When Kashurra tells them that The Eye they saw in the throne room is the real one. No one believed that and Davion said that Lina will tell you to answer the truth. Kashurra reveals that Lina is not a problem anymore and has been neutralized. Everyone thought he was joking, however, he was not and killed her with his own set of powers. Soon, we get to see who Kashurra really was. He was also one of the dark entities and had the power of his own known as the Dawn Star. He is also one of the dragons, who was always mocked and decided to get out from the league of dragons. He found strange rocks one day and realized that The Worldwyrm is the real power.

A still from 'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' (Netflix)


A fight takes place between Davion, who has been taken over by the dragon, and Kashurra. Davion is easily defeated by Kashurra and it is Auroth who gets into a fight with him. She tends to stop him for a while and takes the Dragon form. But, Kashurra reveals his true identity and turns into a big dragon.

A fight takes place between Kashurra and Auroth. For some time, Auroth dominates him, but Kashurra shows his true strength and kills Auroth. Bram tries to save her, but it was too much for him. Auroth dies.

Before dying, she sent Davion to Slyrak and they were talking about the real Eye. Slyrak tells her that Mirana is the true inspiration behind everything and she is the real Goddess of the Sun. He asks for Slyrak’s help in the fight and he says yes. Slyrak and Davion become one and fight Kashurra. On the other hand, Bram summons Kaden and tells him everything. Kaden sees Slyrak and wants to kill him. But Slyrak tells Kaden that they can work together and kills Kashurra. Then, they can go against each other. Kaden accepts and they both fight Kashurra.

A still from 'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 (Netflix)


Elsewhere, Mirana, with the help of Marci, gets to see The Eye and get to know her true identity. Kashurra reaches her and wants her to have the throne. But she doesn’t want that. She attacks Kashurra, but Kashurra captures her. She screams, “Now” and that’s when Marci attacks him. Marci got through his shield and landed punches on him.

However, he captured her as well and started to kill her with his tentacles. Mirana tried to stop him, but he didn’t and Marci dies in front of her. She gets angry and screams loudly. That’s when everyone gets to see Mirana’s true power and becomes the Goddess of Sun. Kashurra dies and the darkness looming over the kingdom fades away.

'DOTA: Dragon's Blood' Season 2 Ending Explained: Who ordered the assassination of Mirana?

It is later found that it was Lina who ordered the assassination of Mirana as she wanted to be the new ruler of the kingdom, but Lina could not hide it from Davion because she loved him, and lying to him would have made her lonely once again. 

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Davion and Mirana get back together?

In the end, Mirana is made the new ruler of her kingdom. Slyrak is sent to foulfell to face Terrorblade and luckily, Davion seems to be alive. Davion and Mirana end up together while Bram reads a poem that she wrote on him.

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ Season 2: Who is the new Goddess of the Moon?

Selemene becomes the new Goddess of the Moon when Fymryn is sent to kill her, but after seeing how lonely she was, she took her daughter’s grave and that’s where she was her daughter’s soft toy and gathered all the power to become the new Goddess of the Moon.

In the end credits, we see Fymryn returning to see her as Selemene tells her to join.

The ending makes us realize that Season 3 will surely be coming anytime soon and take us on another enthralling journey.

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