'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Premiere Review: DC's weirdest superheroes face new enemies

'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Premiere Review: DC's weirdest superheroes face new enemies
A still from 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 (HBO Max)

Spoilers for 'Doom Patrol Season 3 Premiere (Episodes 1,2,3)

The craziest gang of superheroes are back in action and s**t about to get real. Jumping straight into the action, we see Season 3 pick up from the Season 2 cliffhanger which saw our heroes encased in wax. Dorothy overcomes adversity to free the gang and regroup only to face the hard truth of the Chief's death. We immediately have a time skip of a week where each character is shown to be dealing with the death in their own ways. The group is faced with the hard task of facing themselves and dealing with the aftermath of Chief's death.

The first episode 'Possibilities Patrol' is an emotional one with various personal demons faced by each of the members. We see Jane finally realizing the persona of Miranda is a fake, who is revealed to an infection of negative emotions piled up over the years. Jane fights for control over the body with the help of all the remaining personae pitching in the effort and manages to succeed somehow. Diane Guerrero shows incredible emotional versatility in this episode making it one of her best performances. We see Rita, who's in denial, suddenly burdened with the task of continuing Chief's work when she finds a letter from him along with a key and 'The Secret' trusting her with information. Here we get a little insight into the operations of the Chief with the mystery deepening further. Meanwhile, Larry sets out to explore his own individuality outside the group in an emotional goodbye. The episode ends on an intriguing note with the first appearance of Madam Rouge. Although 'Possibilities Patrol' was emotionally heavy, the fun picks up in the next episode.


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Episode 2 has a more relaxed vibe with the group taking a joint vacation in a pretty much-abondoned resort. They also unexpectedly run into Garguax, an alien who is shown to have been sent there decades ago on a mission by the Brotherhood of Evil. 'Vacation Patrol' has a heartwarming theme as we see the members come together to share their concerns and struggles on this peaceful trip. But as fate has it, peace is not on the cards for the Doom Patrol. The episode quickly gets exciting when things take a turn for the worse with Samuelson, Garguax's partner, going rogue and attacking the heroes plunging them into death. Or is it?

A still from Season 3 of 'Doom Patrol' (HBO Max)

Episode 3, 'Dead Patrol', very quickly brings our heroes back together and plunges them into an insane rabbit hole of adventure. The members all are revealed to be in Purgatory, the place between life and death, and await processing. While unconscious, each of the group are forced to face their emotional wounds that they keep buried, leading to quite cathartic and sweet moments. But hey, this is the Doom Patrol we're talking about. They don't get to be at peace that easily.

The situation soon gets crazy fun and dangerous with the returned Larry and Dorothy trying to get the gang back with the help of the Dead Boy Detective Agency. What follows is a series of problems to overcome with plenty of funny and wild bits thrown in there for a signature 'Doom Patrol' feel. With new dangerous enemies to face, adrenaline and serotonin make an appearance in an incredible episode.

The gang painstakingly manages to escape safely but nope, that's not the end. Things are just about to get more interesting with the nonchalant entry of Madam Rouge. The season premiere of 'Doom Patrol' took viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride filled with conflict, camaraderie, suspense and comedy. It's no wonder the show is considered one of the best shows to come out of the DC universe.

'Doom Patrol' Season 3 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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