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IU donates $1.4M to needy people in 2021, fans say 'IU donation angel and best Girl'

After dominating year-end award shows as well as music charts and sales, IU rules over 2021 by making an additional donation of 200 million won
UPDATED DEC 24, 2021
IU ends 2021 by making  a Christmas donation of 200 million won to cancer patients as well as low-income families on December 24, 2021 (@dlwlrma/Instagram)
IU ends 2021 by making a Christmas donation of 200 million won to cancer patients as well as low-income families on December 24, 2021 (@dlwlrma/Instagram)

Just as that line from Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility”, so is the case for celebrities who have the responsibility of influencing a wide range of their fans with everything they do. IU is one such legendary singer who is making a name for herself as one of the ‘best girls’ on the planet as she becomes a donation fairy. IU, who celebrated her 13th anniversary in the industry this year, decided to end the year by making fans swoon over her generosity.

On December 24, IU’s label, Edam Entertainment reported that IU had donated a total of 200 million won (1,68,577 USD) to the underprivileged children. In the last year alone, IU donated more than 1.650 billion won to cancer patients and low-income families. Besides earning a name in the music field, IU is also being recognized for her kind and selfless act. 


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IU Donation Fairy

A day ahead of Christmas, K-pop singer IU impersonated Santa as she donated a total of 100 million won to cancer patients and 100 million won to children and adolescents from low-income families. IU made the donation from the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and Edam Entertainment announced that this donation from IU is directed towards winter heating expenses and the purchase of cold protection products for families experiencing financial difficulties as well as for the treatment of cancer patients.

Some funds from the total donation will also be used for scholarships for teenagers from marginalized families and to support surgery and treatment costs for pediatric and female cancer patients through Seoul Asan Hospital. In her statement, IU said, “It's a difficult and exhausting time for everyone, but I've been able to deliver a little bit of warmth to those in need.”


IU’s 2021 donations are excellent

A user on Twitter announced that IU had made a huge donation in the last year alone where she started the year 2021 by donating a total of 100 million won in March this year. As well a total of 500 million won on the occasion of her birthday in May of 2021. A whopping 850 million won on the occasion of her 13th anniversary since her debut in September of 2021 and now 200 million won on the occasion of Christmas. The sum of donations from IU totaled up to 1.650 billion won in 2021 alone which translates to 13,90,410.37 United States Dollars.


‘IU best girl’

Fans are overwhelmed by IU's contribution to the needy that they have started dubbing her as Donation Fairy or Donation angel for her contribution. One fan said, "God bless you IU. You are the kindest ever. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!" Another fan said, "Iu best girl." One fan said, "You are the most beautiful Santa Ive ever know." One fan said, "The Queen off donations." One fan wondered, "How can we deserve to have you and be with you ? Thanks for shining the world with your love." One more fan said, "IU donation angel and best Girl."







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