'Fake news we don't have to bother with': Trump celebrates CNN+ closure a month after launch

Trump took a dig at Chris Wallace, calling him 'low-rated,' adding that he 'tried so hard to be his father, Mike, but lacked the talent'

                            'Fake news we don't have to bother with': Trump celebrates CNN+ closure a month after launch
Donald Trump has mocked the shutting down of CNN+ a few weeks after it launched (Getty Images/ Chip Somodevilla and Spencer Platt)

The news of shutting down of CNN+ on 30 April just a month after it launched has received quite a dramatic reaction, with its critics mocking it mercilessly while there were many, including some of those who worked for the platform, supporting it. Announcing its demise, CEO Chris Licht shared a memo that read, “While today's decision is incredibly difficult, it is the right one for the long-term success of CNN.”

“It allows us to refocus resources on the core products that drive our singular focus: further enhancing CNN's journalism and its reputation as a global news leader,” Licht noted as he added that the head of CNN+, Andrew Morse, would no longer serve the company after the close down. Besides, it has also been said that the CNN+ workers “will get opportunities to apply for jobs elsewhere inside Warner Bros Discovery” along with 90 days of extra pay, and those who wouldn’t get employment opportunities at the firm will reportedly be provided with at least six months of severance package.


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In a Twitter post, CNN wrote: “CNN+, the streaming service that was hyped as one of the most significant developments in the history of CNN, will shut down on April 30, just one month after it launched.”


And as soon as the news got out, former president Donald Trump released a statement making fun of the shut down. He said, “Congratulations to CNN+ on their decision to immediately FOLD for a lack of ratings, or viewers in any way, shape, or form. It was like an empty desert out there despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars.”

He went on to take a dig at Chris Wallace, calling him “low-rated," adding that he "tried so hard to be his father, Mike, but lacked the talent and whatever else is necessary to be a star.” He added: “In any event, it's just one more piece of CNN and Fake News that we don’t have to bother with anymore!”

Chris Wallace has also been mocked by many, including Trump ( Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

Trump’s hate for CNN is not new. In February, he enjoyed the resignation of its boss Jeff Zucker for not revealing an office romance. At the time, he had said, “Jeff Zucker, a world-class sleazebag who has headed ratings and real-news-challenged CNN for far too long, has been terminated for numerous reasons, but predominantly because CNN has lost its way with viewers and everybody else.”

The Republican leader had also remarked: “Now is a change to put Fake News in the backseat because there may not be anything more important than straightening out the horrendous LameStream Media in our Country, and in the case of CNN, throughout the World. Jeff Zucker is gone - congratulations to all!”

Chairman, WarnerMedia Jeff Zucker attends CNN Heroes at American Museum of Natural History on December 08, 2019, in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

Meanwhile, about the recent shock, other than Trump, there were many who had to say a lot. An industry insider slamming Wallace told DailyMail.com, “Chris Wallace has total egg on his face – leaving his plum gig at FOX News to front the biggest media failure of the century. At least Quibi lasted eight months – CNN+ couldn't even make it 30 days. If I worked at CNN I'd be p***ed - $300 million to launch a streaming service that can't even make it a month.”

They added: “Chris Wallace interviewing Judy Collins should have been the first signal this was doomed – who was going to watch that? What a waste of $8m, CNN should have left him at FOX. CNN had three years to plan this out – and they couldn't even last 30 days, what an embarrassment.”

Chris Licht attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022, in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

“Anyone surprised? @CNN has fallen over the past 5 years and is having a hard time getting up. / CNN+ Streaming Service Is Shutting Down a Month After Launching,” Patrick Moorhead tweeted. Joe Pags wrote: “CNN+ is going away. Did you know it existed? #cnn #news.” CNBC's Alex Sherman shared, “CNN+ offered a 'lifetime' deal where you only had to pay $2.99 a month and you were a subscriber for life. Hard not to chuckle at that concept today, even if Gallows humor (my favorite).” And, Nicholas Fondacaro added: “CNN+ wasn't worth 1 penny. So they should get all their money back.”





However, not everyone was relishing the termination of the video streaming service that began on March 29. Producer Erika Ryan mentioned, “Let me just say I'm very proud of the work I've done at CNN+. I work with world class journalists and we have poured our heart and soul into creating content that we're extremely proud of. Well if anyone needs a producer with print, digital, live tv writing, control room and now ~streaming~ experience, I'm available for hire!”



A worker named Ellie Smith tweeted: “PSA if you’re going to tweet something snarky about CNN+, hundreds of journalists and technicians who did nothing but work their tails off just had the rug pulled out from under them. So be kind.” Chief National Affairs Analyst Kasie Hunt wrote: “The journalists I have been privileged to work with on CNN Plus are world class I am so incredibly proud to be able to call them colleagues If your organization would like a chance to benefit from their talents, my DMs are open This is *my* job for the foreseeable future. (Some of you are asking about me. I am proud to be on team CNN. I will be fine. It’s not about me right now.)”





NPR's Mary Louise Kelly shared: “Sending strong thoughts to the journalists & friends who poured their talents & energy into creating something brave and new at CNN+. Here’s to the next chapter.”

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