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Leonardo DiCaprio's LOVE CONTRACT: Speculation grows that star makes his girlfriends sign NDAs

Netizens got suspicious after they found a familiar pattern, none of Leonardo DiCaprio's exes, including Camila Morrone, have ever spoken about him
Leonardo DiCaprio is getting to know Gigi Hadid after his break up with Camila Morrone (leonardodicaprio/Instagram; gigihadid/Instagram; camilamorrone/Instagram)
Leonardo DiCaprio is getting to know Gigi Hadid after his break up with Camila Morrone (leonardodicaprio/Instagram; gigihadid/Instagram; camilamorrone/Instagram)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for dating much younger models and actors. Netizens even believe that the actor has a weird fetish for women who are 25 and under. Recently, DiCaprio broke up with his long-term girlfriend Camila Morrone. The famous 'model turned aspiring actor' has kept mum about her relationship with the Oscar winner after the reported split. This has raised many questions as none of Leo's exes have ever come forward to speak about their experience with the actor. Netizens now wonder if 'The Revenant' star makes his girlfriends sign an NDA or if the whole relationship works under a contract.

Leonardo and Camila split after a four-year-long relationship recently. Soon after the breakup, it seems that the actor has set his eyes on a new beauty, Gigi Hadid. Previously, when Lily Aldridge was asked about Leo, she simply did not answer any questions. Contrary to all his exes, Gisele Bundchen spoke about him after nearly a decade. 


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Does Leonardo DiCaprio make his girlfriends sign NDAs?

Now, there has been no confirmation if Leo makes his exes sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, this is not something unheard of in the industry. Many celebrities like to keep their things private and get these contracts for the sake of their image. Seeing as to how his exes have kept their lips sealed, this seems like the logical explanation.

Many cybernauts believe this to be nothing but a PR stunt by his agency. A fan wrote, "They've got to at least be partly contract relationships by this point right? So the girl probably knows it's a two/three year gig". Another one shared, "That’s my guess, too. These are cleaaaarly pr relationships. Honestly it’s really not subtle, maybe he should change his pr manager…"



Netizens wonder how DiCaprio gets them to sign the contract

A Twitter user wrote, "Leonardo DiCaprio needs to share the template of the NDA his lawyer drew up for his relationships. It’s weird how none of the girls have dragged him." Another one posted, "Y’all think Leonardo DiCaprio requests those women to all sign NDA’s before he breaks up with them ??" A netizen posted, "Or maybe it’s a countdown to when their contract is up, and on the final day: “Sign this NDA before you leave."




'Does he start picking up fights before they turn 25'

DiCaprio is infamous for dating women under the age of 25 and netizens love pointing that out. A Twitter user wrote, "I need to know how leonardo dicaprio conducts these breakups. does he start picking fights months before they turn 25 to be less conspicuous? do they wake up on their birthday to a note that says “sorry i can’t don’t hate me” someone pls investigate."


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