Does Jenna Ellis support Lin Wood? Internet digs up controversial past and slams her for 'faux concern'

Ellis was called out for her past statements criticizing President Donald Trump and his supporters and then supporting him later

                            Does Jenna Ellis support Lin Wood? Internet digs up controversial past and slams her for 'faux concern'
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Jenna Ellis, one of the lawyers on President Donald Trump's legal team, is facing backlash after she took to social media to distance herself from fellow attorney Lin Wood after his controversial tweets on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein. Ellis' past statements attacking Trump's supporters have been dug up by the Internet as they called her out for her response to the controversy.

In a series of tweets, Wood claimed that Epstein "is alive" without providing any evidence to back it up. He also suggested that Roberts was involved in the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016 at the age of 79 due to natural causes, and was part of a child-sex cult. He also claimed that Justice Roberts was mixed up in trafficking children and apparently hinted that he might have had Epstein killed. 

Herman Cain and Lin Wood (Getty Images)

As Wood's controversial statements raised the ire of the internet, other members of Trump's legal team are distancing themselves from him. Jenna Ellis took to social media to tweet, "To be clear: I do not support the statements from Attorney Lin Wood. I support the rule of law and the US Constitution." When Molly Jong-Fast, an editor at large at The Daily Beast tweeted in response, "Disavowed by the traffic lawyer," Ellis replied, "At least I moved forward in my career. Youโ€™re still editor at large at Daily Beast... and what, twice my age?"




Ellis' original tweet and response to Jong-Fast led to others calling Ellis out for her past statements and her career as a lawyer for Trump. When Trump was running to become the Republican nominee for president in 2015 and early 2016, Ellis strongly criticized him. In a Facebook post from 2015, Ellis wrote that Trump was "without love," "treacherous," "abusive," and "unholy." In February 2016, Ellis stated that she believed that Trump wanted to "destroy American democracy," and that he was "one of the greatest threats to our liberty" who could not "handle criticism." Later, in March 2016, she criticized Trump's supporters writing that they did not care "about facts or logic" and that they are not "seeking truth [sic]."

Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani (Getty Images)

She claimed they were "narcissists" who ignored how Trump was an "unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag." She also stated that arguments supporting Trump are "ridiculously illogical, inconsistent, and blatantly stupid", and that Trump "cannot be trusted to be consistent or accurate in anything." However, after Trump won the Republican primary to be the party's presidential candidate, she expressed support for him.

Many posted screenshots of Ellis' earlier statements, with one user writing, "@JennaEllisEsq is this STILL how you feel? How you see the situation and Trump supporters? I don't know if others have seen this but I hadn't and I'm shocked but that was in the past so I'm wanting to at least hear your thoughts today after witnessing what we all have seen." Another tweeted, "Receipts b***h. What are you then? A liar or a narcissist? or Both?"



One user tweeted, "Jenna Ellis was a Never-Trumper before President Trump won the Election. Now, she is hating on Lin Wood. Sean Davis is a washed Reporter, and he blocked me today for questioning his motives. I am noticing a pattern. Lin Wood is exposing FAKE SHILLS."


Others called out her response to Jong-Fast, with one tweeting, "You literally sat next to Rudy Giuliani as he farted his way through a hearing. You should check your cockiness at the grocery store sushi counter before you talk s**t to people who have actual accomplishments." Another responded, "She also stood behind Rudy with a simpering smile as she watched his hair dye stream down both sides of his face and nodded approvingly as Sidney Powell spouted her Kraken nonsense. Spare us the sudden faux concern for proper norms."



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