Where is IZ*ONE member Sakura headed after band disbands? K-pop idol reportedly confirms return to Japan

Sakura is one of the most popular idols who became a member of IZ*ONE after winning second place in the Mnet show 'Produce 48'

                            Where is IZ*ONE member Sakura headed after band disbands? K-pop idol reportedly confirms return to Japan
IZ*ONE member Sakura (Official Instagram)

IZ*ONE member Sakura will not be extending her contract to work as a K-pop idol after her contract to be a part of girl group IZ*ONE comes to an end. The popular idol who hails from Japan will reportedly return to her country instead of proceeding with signing a contract with an agency in South Korea as she enjoys popularity there. The news of IZ*ONE disbanding came in November 2020 along with news of the group releasing their photobook. 

The official statement had read, "IZ*ONE's first Japanese photo book will be released in March 2021. The group will be continuing their promotion until the spring of next year. The photo book will be the first and last to be released in Japan." The band is a Korea-Japan joint group that was formed in 2018 and it consists of 12 members. The group also has a set period for its promotion. When the group had been created, each member and their agency signed a contract to stay together for two and a half years. 

The contract period will end in mid-2021, and reports have already surfaced about a few of the members extending their contract with CJ ENM. Many fans had hoped that Sakura would also find an agency that could extend her contract so that fans can see her continue to work as an idol. However, they were saddened when reports of Sakura returning to Japan had surfaced. One fan wrote, "I admire sakura, the way she always know what the right n the best for her and her passion on achieving toward her goals.. dont take me wrong please, i'm wizone n i love izone."


Another fan wrote, "Im extremely sad , Sakura my beautiful bias , it will not be the same not only without her but im not ready for the whole group to go. I will miss her soooo much , it wasnt enough. I just hope she will always be happy #SAKURA #IZONE." Another fan also observed that with Sakura leaving, the other members Nako and Hitomi will also follow her and wrote, "If Sakura goes back to Japan, which means Nako and Hitomi will follow her, it’s not ideal to have an extension with the remaining members. Since IZONE means 12 is one."



So where is Sakura headed after her stint at IZ*ONE?

It is speculated that Sakura would return to being a part of the group that she had belonged to originally. She had first made her appearance in HKT48 in 2011 and became the first HKT48 member to have ranked in the AKB48 general election. 

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