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Did Quinton Simon's grandma want him evicted too? Alleged warrant divides internet

The 20-month-old boy has been missing since October 5 morning and it's been reported that his grandmother, Billie Jo Howell, has custody of him
An alleged warrant that claims Quinton Simon's grandmother Billie Jo Howell wanted him and his siblings out of her house has divided the internet (Facebook/ Billie Jo Howell and Twitter/ @SleuthieGoosie)
An alleged warrant that claims Quinton Simon's grandmother Billie Jo Howell wanted him and his siblings out of her house has divided the internet (Facebook/ Billie Jo Howell and Twitter/ @SleuthieGoosie)

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA: The case of a 20-month-old boy who has gone missing from Georgia's Savannah is getting stranger with each passing day. Quinton Simon has not been seen since October 5 morning after he was reported missing the same day by his mother, Leilani.

Later an update into the case came as it was revealed that the child’s grandmother, Billie Jo Howell, and her husband Thomas reportedly have custody of him and his brother. Reports also said that Howell had taken legal help to throw out her daughter and her boyfriend Daniel Youngkin from her house, where they lived, accusing them of wrecking the place.


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Quinton Simon: Missing 20-month-old toddler's grandmother tried to evict his mom and her boyfriend

Not just that, the devastated grandmother after the toddler vainshed had said, “She [Leilani] hasn't always done the right thing. Sometimes she does really great, sometimes she doesn't. I don't know what to think right now. I don't know what to believe, because I don't think anybody ever believes this is going to happen to them. I don't know if I can trust her or I don't,” before asserting, “I want this baby home. He's my baby.”

However, now an alleged eviction order has been doing the rounds of the internet claiming that Howell not only wanted Leilani and Youngkin out of her house but also three children. People on the internet have expressed their shock after seeing the notice, mainly because the elderly woman was apparently the legal custodian of the little ones.

A user sharing the photo of the apparent order tweeted, “Excuse me. What 3 kids? Quinton Simon included? Don’t tell me that what I’m reading is her wanting him & his siblings out as well? She has custody & so that’s literally unacceptable.” Another user noted, “Why then if she had custody would she leave Quinton with Leilani ?  It's horrible poor little boy.” The third user speculated: “Yet grandma posts this 19 days later… did they work it all out by then? Or are there some bipolar swings happening in this house?”





A person wrote, “Have you seen grandma’s record? The daughter is squeaky clean next to her so far. We can start a discord channel.” The second person shared, “Looks like she’s doing well though job, owns a home. I just get so in my head about what the daughter grew up with, it affected her parental judgment, so how is the grandma a suitable replacement? I think about these things bc my abusive dad has custody of my niece via court.”


This comes after a few days back, Chatham County Police Department in a Facebook statement declared that “finding Quinton Simon is our highest priority, and the intensity of our work is as strong as it has been since the day of his disappearance. The FBI remains here, and they are providing us with resources and assistance. We appreciate everyone’s offers of help, but we are not in need of volunteers.”


“We also want you to know that we appreciate the many kind messages of support for our officers and detectives who are working so hard to find Quinton. We will continue to update you here as we continue looking for this little boy. We know how much he has come to mean to our entire community (and, beyond) and how much we all want to find him,” they added.

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