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The search for Quinton Simon gets murky as sitter reveals she tried to alert grandmom to 'wrong things'

In a now-deleted Facebook live video Diana McCartacan be heard saying that she had seen a lot of stuff and she was concerned.
UPDATED OCT 11, 2022
Diana McCarta had taken care of Quinton Simon on many occasions (Chatham County Police Department; MillieMoo1212/Twitter)
Diana McCarta had taken care of Quinton Simon on many occasions (Chatham County Police Department; MillieMoo1212/Twitter)

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA: As the search for missing 20-month-old Quinton Simon continues, a now-deleted Facebook live video of his babysitter has come out. Diana McCarta, who had earlier expressed her thoughts over the whole incident, can be heard saying in the video that she had seen a lot of stuff and she was concerned.

McCarta also claimed to voice all her questions and concerns to the infant’s grandma, Billie Jo Howell, because she apparently told her that she had the custody of Simon and his brother. She said, “When I started seeing things that were not quite right, I would tell her, I would text her, she did not answer because she was at work. She texted me back and said okay I am going to talk to Leilani [the child’s mother]. Several times the boys were outside.”


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“One particular morning, they were outside in the ditch. My daughter saw them and came running in, we went down there, Lenali was not inside. I called Billie Jo, she then contacted Leilani. Leilani was home, she was just in the house somewhere. They would drop them off with no diapers, they would drop them off with pull ups,” McCarta added.

The video surfaced online after the little boy was reported missing on Wednesday morning, October 5, from his home in the 500 block of Buckhalter in Savannah. A day later, Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley said, “We’re going to hold out hope that he’s still alive, and that we can find him and bring him home safe to his parents.” Besides, a statement from the police department read, “We appreciate everyone’s offers of help, but we are not in need of volunteers. Finding Quinton Simon is our highest priority, and the intensity of our work is as strong as it has been since the day of his disappearance.”

Meanwhile, McCarta's video has attracted a lot of people’s attention with a user tweeting, “I’m having a hard time with her ‘telling all’ now. Reminds me of waiting for an accident before you put up a stop sign. It’s possible that he’d be safe and happy had she let CPS know her concerns before. Dig deeper LE. I think someone in that family knows exactly where he is.” “If there were custody orders in place, then the grandmother could get in trouble. Depending on that custody order said. Unless Lelani just did a power of attorney type thing. #WhereRUQuinton❤️❤️❤️,” the second user said.




The third user wrote, “This is troubling, if she was so concerned she should of contacted someone. She is just aw responsible for turning a blind eye.” The fourth one said, “She contacted the grandmother as she is the custodian of the 2 boys,but she definitely should have contacted child services as well.”




A person tweeted, “I know there are always different circumstances with different situations..BUTTT, I AM WITH YOU, first sign of ANY kind of abuse with a child, I would have had them on the phone and to that house IMMEDIATELY! Her phone call could save his life!” “It's so sad so many #Children  don't have anyone they can count on. #QuintonSimons was in that situation. Nobody called authorities for suspected abuse. Nobody monitored the child. So many unwanted kids & we ain't seen nothing yet. Wait til women can't access birth control!” a tweet added.

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