Did Brian Laundrie's parents LIE to cops? Parked Mustang at home raises questions

A video of Laundrie's Mustang parked at his home a day before his family claimed to have retreived it from Carlton Reserve has surfaced on Twitter

                            Did Brian Laundrie's parents LIE to cops? Parked Mustang at home raises questions
Internet suggests Brian Laundrie's parents might have lied to cops regarding the timeline of his disappearance (Instagram/Twitter/@brianentin)

The hunt for Brian Laundrie continues in North Port, Florida, and Kern County, California. At the same time, an investigation into the role Laundrie's parents Christopher and Roberta may have played in his missing is in progress. Investigators have been on the scene at his parents' house for the past couple of days. The FBI executed a search warrant at their home a day after Gabby Petito's remains were discovered in Wyoming. A new video on Twitter taken at Laundrie's home, the authentication of which is yet to be verified, has sparked questions if the family lied to cops during questioning. 

Laundrie's parents have been on the receiving end of harsh judgment from people on the Internet. The family which is believed to be worth $5Million has taken a hit, business-wise. Their company, Juicer Services Inc., was ripped apart on the Internet after many users left nasty reviews on the business's Google page and other websites condemning their silence throughout the case's investigation. They've also been accused of not saying anything despite Laundrie returning home without Petito and hiring an attorney immediately. 


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Did Brian Laundrie's parents LIE to cops?

Laundrie disappeared three days after Petito's missing report was filed. He lived at his parents' home between September 1 to September 11 after returning from the cross-country journey sans Petito, hired a lawyer immediately, and refused to speak to authorities after being named "person of interest" in her disappearance. His family then told police he was missing and that they didn't have any information about his whereabouts. 

Laundrie's parents had declined to make him available to talk to the police earlier in the investigation. Despite multiple calls from the Internet users who want them to be charged, former Florida prosecutor Vincent Citro said it's highly unlikely unless they have "really good evidence that they did something." Citro said, "These are his parents. Whether they knew what he had done, what they knew, what he had said to them, who they believed all make those things a little hairy for prosecution."

It is believed Laundrie drove the Mustang when he allegedly went for a hike in a 25,000-acre nature reserve in the Sarasota area on September 14 which was the last day they saw him. They reportedly told police he didn't return from his hike "on Wednesday or Thursday" and that is when they went to pick up the Mustang and drove it back home. Reporter Brian Entin has been providing constant updates regarding the case on Twitter and when asked if Laundrie's parents were providing misleading statements, cops said they are "working to corroborate their story."

Entin said, "They did not say 'we believe the parents or we know for sure that Brian was hiking in this reserve'." Laundrie's family attorney said they left a note on the car to be removed from the reserve but their parents left it there until September 16 in hopes that he would return to it. Now a video shared by Entin from outside of Laundrie's home shows his Mustang parked in the driveway on the night of September 15 which has raised several questions on the Internet if his parents and the lawyer lied to cops. 

"Brian Laundrie's Mustang outside parents' house at 4:45pm on WEDNESDAY. Clear as day. The Laundries' story about retrieving the car Thursday is absolutely false. #BrianLaundrie" a tweet read. "Yes, it’s totally false. Aside from this pic, neighbors and other press people have said the mustang was there. The lawyer has since shied away from that exact (fake) timeline they initially offered though, I’ve noticed. Now he just says no known dates, times or whereabouts," another user tweeted in response. "Yet another stupid lie, why would you say something that is so easily proven false. They knew reporters were outside," read another tweet.