Netflix 'Brazen': Internet slams Alyssa Milano-starrer for American flag goof-up

Alyssa Milano's latest movie 'Brazen' seems to have ignited a controversy by hanging the flag in a wrong manner

                            Netflix 'Brazen': Internet slams Alyssa Milano-starrer for American flag goof-up
Alyssa Milano in the movie 'Brazen' with an insert of the America flag hung wrongly (Netflix)

Alyssa Milano’s newest movie ‘Brazen’ is out on Netflix and opened to a mixed response. Fans are praising the actors for gripping performances and Monika Mitchell for good direction. However, the film’s storyline is being criticized for being too predictable. Nevertheless, there is a lot of buzz around it on social media and seems to be working to the movie’s advantage.

However, there’s one scene that might cause some problems for Milano and the makers. Viewers are always looking at the movie closely and they find some really intriguing facts about the movie that others might know. So, one of the viewers found something problematic with the movie ‘Brazen’ and shared it on social media. In one of the scenes, we see two prominent characters, Rand (Daniel Diemer) and Jerald (Matthew Finlan), wrestle with each other. They were a part of the school’s wrestling team and they were going against each other on the wrestling mat. While everything was smooth when the camera was just zooming on the actors, as soon as the director decided to use the wide shot, everything came crumbling down.


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One of the fans noticed that the American flag in the background was hung in the wrong way. While hanging the flag vertically, the stars should be on the left side and the red-white stripes should be on the right. However, in the Netflix movie, the stars were shown on the right while the stripes were on the left side.

Screenshot (Disqus)


Upon checking, we did find that the American flag was hung inappropriately. 

A still from 'Brazen' (Netflix)


Some people noticed it and took it to social media to slam the makers, especially Milano. Twitter users slammed the actress for such a huge mistake and expressed their disappointment by saying that they are not going to see the movie if Alyssa is in it.
One of the users said, “No thanks. Just say no to anything with Alyssa in it.” Another user wrote, “Anything with Alyssa Milano in it is a no for me.” Meanwhile, one of the users shared, “No interest in watching anything she does.”







“Alyssa is past her prime. Time to give it up,” said another one. “I’d rather sit in a quiet room than watch ANYTHING she is in,” said another user.





It seems the whole “Flag” fiasco is damaging the movie and Milano’s reputation as well. As far as the movie is concerned, the movie is garnering mixed reactions from the critics as well as audiences. Although Milano is being praised for her acting in the movie, this issue is slowly picking up steam and it might force people to not watch it.

‘Brazen’ currently streaming on Netflix.

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