Netflix's 'Brazen' Ending Explained: Who killed Kathleen? Killer leaves viewers dazed

Grace and Detective Ed Jennings come together to find the killer of Kathleen, but who killed her?

                            Netflix's 'Brazen' Ending Explained: Who killed Kathleen? Killer leaves viewers dazed
Alyssa Milano as Grace Miller in 'Brazen' (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘Brazen’

Netflix’s latest movie ‘Brazen’ has finally been released on the streaming platform and it sees Alyssa Milano making an appearance in her first feature film since 2018. The crime thriller directed by Monika Mitchell is based on the novel ‘Brazen Virtue’ by Nora Roberts and sees an author and crime expert Grace Miller (Milano) trying to catch her sister’s killer.

In the process, she meets Detective named Ed Jennings (Sam Page) and becomes romantically involved with her. She helps him investigate her sister’s death. Grace soon gets to know that her sister was working as a webcam model for a company named Fantasy Inc. and the killer might be one of her clients.


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However, things get intense when the killer doesn’t stop after killing Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup), aka Desiree, and kills another Fantasy Inc. model. The police and Grace understand that there’s a serial killer on the loose. A couple of suspects are on the radar of the authorities as they investigate the cases. Did Grace and Ed find the killer? Who killed those women? Let’s find out how the movie concluded.

Alyssa Milano as Grace Miller in 'Brazen' (Netflix)

‘Brazen’ Ending Explained: Did Grace and Ed find the killer?

After the murder of Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup), Ed (Sam Page), Ben (Malachi Weir) and Grace (Alyssa Milano) try to find clues to move forward in the investigation. In the process, they get to know that Billy (Aaron Paul Stewart), the janitor of the school where Kathleen used to teach, knew her real identity. However, he was not involved in the killing of Kathleen and not even Carol Hayes, the other webcam model that was murdered. However, there was a strange thing in the murder of Carol as the killer took Desiree's name. 

A few moments later, we find out that another webcam model has been attacked by the serial killer, but luckily, she survived. She put up a fight against the killer and managed to cut his hand with a kitchen knife. Police get to know about the matter and they reach Bethany’s place, along with Grace. Bethany tells that the guy was wearing a gold watch in which a face tells the time. 

A still from the movie 'Brazen' (Netflix)

Police issue a search warrant against Rand and when they search their house, they find the same gold watch and a cut on his hand. However, the forensics team tells the authorities that the blood found on the knife is not of Rand. So, they let him go.

In the school, Rand and Jerald, who is a part of the school’s wrestling team, are having a training session in which Jerald beats Rand. While meeting each other in the locker room, Jerald entices him saying that he beat her. Rand replies by saying that he knew Kathleen was Desiree and police things that he killed her even though it was Jerald who was crazy about her. Jerald gets really aggressive and punches Rand. He hits him with several and Rand gets hospitalized.

On the other hand, to draw the killer out, Grace makes a plan with the police that she will become Desiree and go LIVE. She believes as soon as the killer will see her, she will come to her. Ed and Ben get to know Rand’s hospitalization and meet him there. Rand tells police that Jerald did that and kept on saying “Kathleen was mine.”

Elsewhere, Desiree’s show ends and the captain of the police team tells her that they have substantial evidence against Jerald that he’s the killer and they are going to get him. The police reach Jerald’s home and he is the son of Senator Baxter (Colleen Wheeler), so it wasn’t easy for them to arrest him. But when they reach his room, he is not present there but the computer monitors show that he was seeing Grace’s show.

A still from 'Brazen' (Netflix)

The masked man is revealed to be Jerald and he reveals that he loved Kathleen. Grace said that he loved Kathleen because she was everything that her mother couldn’t be. Nurturing and caring, that’s all he needed, but his mother was controlling. When he got to know that Kathleen was Desiree, he could not take it and killed her.

Grace smiles as she gets a confession out of him and his webcam was on. So, his confession is now out in public. Jerald loses his mind and attacks him. He was really close to killing her, but Ed arrives and tells him to surrender. Jerald doesn’t surrender and picks up a gun to shoot Ed, but he shoots Jerald and saves Grace.

Jerald is dead as Grace and Ed start a new life together.

‘Brazen’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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