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'Dickinson' Season 3 Premiere Review: Triumphant start to poet's final journey

The first three episodes of 'Dickinson' Season 3 gives everyone hope that the makers will give a befitting to one of the most reclusive poets
Hailee Steinfeld (Emily Dickinson) and Ella Hunt (Sue) in 'Dickinson' Season 3 (Apple TV+)
Hailee Steinfeld (Emily Dickinson) and Ella Hunt (Sue) in 'Dickinson' Season 3 (Apple TV+)

In recent times, we have seen a massive influx of TV series on streaming platforms, but only a handful of shows have managed to create an impact on people’s minds. One such show has been Apple TV+’s coming-of-age series ‘Dickinson’. The first season, which aired in 2019, turned out to be successful and prompted the streaming service to renew it for another season, and eventually, they renewed it for a third season as well. But the stakes are higher this time because it is the last time you’ll see Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) mesmerizing fans with her poetry.

The first three episodes of Season 3 perfectly capture the essence of a show that is known for breaking stereotypes. The third and final edition of the Apple TV+ show starts with the raging Civil War in America. Men are being drafted daily to fight for the nation while women are doing their best to contribute. But, you know, it’s the 18th century, and women were not allowed to fight for their nation, and even if they thought of doing it they were always told to tone it down by their male counterparts.


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Nevertheless, America is falling apart on the battlefield and the entire Dickinson family is also falling apart due to some unsolvable situations. Edward Dickinson (Toby Huss) is thinking of various means of how to carry the family’s legacy while Emily Dickinson (Jane Krakowski) is still in grief and coming to terms with the death of a loved one. On the other hand, Lavinia Dickinson (Anna Baryshnikov) is thinking about her place as a woman and as a daughter in society. Meanwhile, our main protagonist, Emily Dickinson (Steinfeld) is still trying to change the world by writing poetry.

A still from 'Dickinson' Season 3 (Apple TV+)

Apart from all that, fans quickly realized that the makers haven’t stopped talking about the relationship Emily and her sister-in-law Sue (Ella Hunt) share. However, the roles have changed now. In Season 2, it was Emily who was doing everything to get Sue’s attention while in this season, it seems Sue is fighting for Emily’s attention and Emily is unable to commit. That doesn’t mean Emily’s love for Sue has come down. It’s just that she needs to focus on things that are closer to her heart and also give time to her poems.

As a whole, the first three episodes of ‘Dickinson’ Season 3 are really delightful and talk about pushing boundaries. The makers have made sure that there are enough moments that put a smile on people’s faces. In the process, they have also made sure that they give something to think about as well with some of the most thought-provoking moments on the show.

Hailee Steinfeld is the backbone of the show and has done stupendous work once again while all the other actors have done brilliantly too. We just hope that the entire season just keeps on pushing boundaries and gives a befitting end to a poet who is unique and most of the time, reclusive.

‘Dickinson’ Season 3 returns to Apple TV+ with a new episode every Friday.