‘Devs’ Episode 5 Preview: Murders, torture and coverups, how far will Amaya go to protect Devs?

After an explosive Episode 4, the upcoming episode of the sci-fi thriller is all set to unravel new secrets of the Devs program and expose Amaya’s intentions

                            ‘Devs’ Episode 5 Preview: Murders, torture and coverups, how far will Amaya go to protect Devs?
Zach Grenier as Kenton (IMDb)

‘Devs’ has moved long past its sci-fi premise and is now treading into an ultimate, futuristic murder thriller. And the previous episode left us with the most burning question if Jamie, Lily’s ex-boyfriend gets killed by Kenton, Amaya’s head of security and Forest’s right-hand man. We have no way to know if he is murdered. All we get to see when the episode ends is that Kenton pays him a visit. In the preview of the upcoming episode though, we do see Jamie being tortured.

So, the question remains if he will spill all the details of his and Lily’s plans to Kenton and still die or simply get killed by Kenton. Guess, that’s for discussion once the episode airs. For now, what we learn so far from the Episode 5 trailer is that Katie takes advantage of the Devs system and tries to use it to her personal benefit. Meanwhile, Lyndon is fired, which leaves Stuart on his own to fight the system or succumb to the manipulation of Forest.

Elsewhere, as we saw in the previous episode, Lily is arrested and taken into custody by the police. Although the trailer doesn’t show any development in Lily’s story, we can very well expect some plotline around her arrest and after effects thereof. We know that she is smart and intelligent and knows how to get herself out of a situation. For all you know, she could have set this whole thing up herself so she could be in safe custody while Forest and Amaya try to take her down.

But here’s a catch. Katie had mentioned to Forest that the machine predicted Lily’s death in the next 48 hours. If their predictive analysis proves to be true, then Lily could die. However, from the story’s point of view, the plot point doesn’t make sense, since she is our key protagonist and drives the story ahead. So, if she dies, there wouldn’t be any threat to Amaya. And for the fight to go on and culminate into a dramatic climax, we need Lily. Also, if Lily doesn’t die, it will prove that the Devs software is but a hoax and a way for Forest to control people, which will easily throw off everyone on board.

Another angle that the upcoming episode will explore, is Kenton’s sudden antagonism towards Forest and his organization. All we see as of now is him sitting across Forest and Katie and refusing to carry on with their current terms and conditions. He already has a lot of blood on his hands and he is at risk with the law. So, if Forest doesn’t protect him, then nothing stops Kenton from revealing all of Amaya’s secrets to the police or the government and save himself.

Take a look at what’s coming:


Overall, it appears that the upcoming chapter of this chilling sci-fi thriller will be quite wholesome, with multiple plot points to cover and lots of open-ended questions to answer.

‘Devs’ Episode 5 will be available on Hulu (FX on Hulu) on Thursday, March 26.

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