‘Devs’ Episode 5: Fans feel sci-fi thriller lost the plot by delving too much into its characters' backgrounds

The heavy setting and intense concept of the series had just started to settle in with fans but today’s episode put them on the wrong side again, by exploring the background stories of every character

                            ‘Devs’ Episode 5: Fans feel sci-fi thriller lost the plot by delving too much into its characters' backgrounds
Alison Pill as Katie in 'Devs' (IMDb)

We are halfway through the dark sci-fi thriller and yet we see no clear directions towards which the story is heading. Today’s episode (5), was all about revisiting the history of the lead characters, and finally letting us know, what story each of them holds. While this is always important for the narrative, and every writer has the right to decide when they want to open these boxes, fans of ‘Devs’ did not like the idea. More so, because, this is supposed to be a limited series of only 10 episodes and wasting an entire hour on running through the characters’ backgrounds will only waste more time and reduce the opportunity to explore the current plot line in details.

One Twitter fan said, “@Devs_FXonHulu, D- ...What the Hell?! We only get 8 episodes and U waste E5 on this background shit?! We could have guessed/assumed more than 1/2 of it. I am so mad right now. Bullshit episode. Never getting those :47 back. #Devs #FXonHulu.”

Many fans are confused about the progress of the story.

“#Devs WTF is going on in this episode?” said one such fan.

Another joined the conversation, feeling lost. He said, “I’m not so much confused as i am kinda lost #Devs”

The constant back and forth between the past lives of Lily, Sergei, Forest, and Katie, interspersed with present situation of Kenton and current development of the Devs program, might seem intense but has not left fans with a positive feeling.

Here’s what one such user on Twitter has to say: “By episode 4, #Devs turned into a USA show like that. I was offended at how cheesily the events unfolded. The “golden age” of tv certainly gave producers the gumption to think everyone could produce, but all we got was a lot of gloss and no lips”

And because this is a slow burn, as fans (including us) continue to say, it is making fans impatient for answers.

“I need someone to hit me with some theories man. Cause I need answered #Devs,” said one such fan.

‘Devs’ is available on Hulu (FX on Hulu) every Thursday.

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