Devon Hoover autopsy reveals cause of death of beloved Detroit neurosurgeon

Devon Hoover autopsy reveals cause of death of beloved Detroit neurosurgeon
Devon Hoover was known for his work at Ascension Michigan Hospital (Devon Hoover/Facebook)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: According to an autopsy report filed by the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, a beloved neurosurgeon from Detroit, who was discovered dead inside his home in April, was shot twice in the back of the head before being stripped of his clothes and dragged into the attic. The report stated that Devon Hoover, 53, was first shot behind his right ear and then again in the back of his head, as reported by the Detroit Free Press.

Hoover was found wrapped in a plastic sheet, wearing only one black sock in his $1.2 million home on April 23. The famed doctor was single and lived alone in the city's Boston-Edison District. He was known for his work at Ascension Michigan Hospital. According to the autopsy, samples were also collected from Hoover's body for a rape kit, including his fingernail clippings.


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Devon Hoover was found dead after wellness check

After the acclaimed doctor failed to attend a family gathering in Indiana, his loved ones became concerned and contacted the police for a wellness check. According to Detroit Police Chief James White, when the police arrived at Hoover's home for a wellness check, they noticed some evidence that indicated something was amiss. Worried about his safety, the police entered the house and discovered his body in the crawlspace. Hoover, who had been a prominent member of the community for more than 20 years, was found dead in his Detroit home. 



Hoover’s death 'was not a random act'

Authorities are currently treating the death of Devon Hoover as a homicide, and have been asking for the public's help in providing any relevant tips to help with the investigation. Detroit Police Chief James White has said that it is clear to investigators that Hoover’s death "was not a random act." While a person of interest was arrested in connection to the case, they were later released on unrelated charges and little information about the individual has been disclosed by the police. 


Initially, authorities stated that they thought the murder was the outcome of a domestic dispute. One week following the homicide, there was a break-in at Hoover's residence. It was unclear whether anything was taken during the burglary. The community is deeply disturbed by the case.

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