Destination Jam: Recalling Dua Lipa's Top 5 music videos that prove her mettle amid VMA snub

Dua Lipa is a proven champion in pop music yet her music videos didn't get much love from MTV in the VMA nominations recently

                            Destination Jam: Recalling Dua Lipa's Top 5 music videos that prove her mettle amid VMA snub
Dua Lipa (Getty Images)

Dua Lipa didn't feature in any of the nominations of MTV Video Music Awards announced on Thursday, July 30, in a big let down to her fans. Although the VMA list is large and even includes two new categories, Dua Lipa has received zero nominations this year, leaving numerous fans angered. As an artist who has delivered many popular music videos, we also feel that Lipa deserves better and want to honor the amazing pop singer with our top five picks of her best music videos on today's Destination Jam. Check out our list below.


You knew it had to be here! With an '80s dance-pop spin on Lipa's music and stunning blend of 2D animation and visual effects, it is hard to keep your eyes off this music video. The visual mixes dark lighting to highlight the song's darker tones, but is kissed with plenty of color and scene changes to resonate with emotion on many levels. Think of it as a sorceress' take on a rainbow-colored painting.



'New Rules'

We can't forget one of Lipa's biggest breakout hits, 'New Rules'.  We've all seen pop stars with their backup dancers before, but a few seconds in on this video and you knew something stood out a little more than others'. Its empowerment elements lie not only in accepting yourself and keeping your head up high after a breakup but also in accepting support from close friends. In the 'New Rules' clip, Lipa is supported by a group of women who encourage the singer not to return to her ex. Shot in a Miami hotel, the women wear coordinated bathrobes and pajamas while showing off their choreography that includes hair brushing, make-up application and more all geared towards stopping Lipa from picking up the phone and reconnecting with her ex.


'Don't Start Now'

With currently over 360 million views on YouTube, this 'Don't Start Now' visual is steadily becoming a fan-favorite music video since its premiere in November. This video sees Lipa turning away the pomp and circumstance of an Elizabethan-era ball for the freeing enticements of a nightclub dancefloor.



As mentioned similarly with Lipa's 'Physical' music video, the singer's videos tastefully meshes animation when themes call for it, but in 'Hallucinate', Lipa has boldly gone entirely animated. This Betty Boop style video adopts a mixture of classic black-and-white cartoon style with modern colorization and effects, but things turn trippy very fast. This video gets its place on our list for thematically being mature enough to not feel too kiddish while at the same time bringing up some good flashbacks of our youth before animations weren't so 3D-inclined.


'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)'

Dua Lipa fans will know that the singer was a model before stepping into the music scene. In Lipa's music videos, there are often little glimpses into her hobbies or previous career. Generally speaking, a lot of artists tend to take on a new persona the moment they sign with a label and stick to it, but Lipa's appearance often show traces of her love for fashion. In the 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)' video, however, Lipa steps outside of the musical gear you would expect from a pop artist and confidently dons fashion-minded attire. Lipa's confidence is also charged by the lyrics in the chorus, "If you don't like the way I talk, then why am I on your mind? If you don't like the way I rock, then finish your glass of wine. We fight and we argue, you'll still love me blind. If we don't fuck this whole thing up. Guaranteed, I can blow your mind. Mwah!"


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