Dua Lipa gets zero nominations at MTV VMAs 2020, fans say she was 'robbed' because she's 'British'

Although her 'Physical' videography team got nominated four times, Dua Lipa won't get the actual award if the video wins it

                            Dua Lipa gets zero nominations at MTV VMAs 2020, fans say she was 'robbed' because she's 'British'
Dua Lipa (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

The MTV Video Music Awards nominations have arrived but Dua Lipa fans are unimpressed with the results. The show will kick off on August 30. Ariana Grande had the most nominations with nine each while The Weeknd and Billie Eilish were close behind with six each. Although the VMA list is large and even includes two new categories, Dua Lipa has received zero nominations this year, leaving numerous fans angered. Currently having over 42 thousand tweets, the pop star is trending on Twitter because of it.

Fans are declaring that the 24-year-old 'Physical' singer was "robbed." and believe she was snubbed for being a British artiste. "She was ROBBED Justin B is getting noms for that album and videos yet she and Harry got none. The clownery," said a fan to which another replied, "It's because they are British artistes. The industry love snubbing British artistes."



One fan believed "She deserved to be nominated in all major categories," while another said, "Dua led 2020 and this is how they repay her??? BYE." One fan wrote, "dua nation is mad and we want y’all to KNOW." Many fans feel she should have been nominated at least once for her popular 'Physical' music video: "She deserved to get a nomination for physical mv."



Other popular artistes from non-US countries who fans feel were robbed are Harry Styles and Blackpink. "Dua was f**king robbed and deserves an explanation, same with Selena, Harry and Blackpink like wtf?? Some of the most impactful songs which broke numerous records and aren't nominated tf???" said a fan. Another added, "Physical should've been nominated for best video of the year. That music video was amazing. bruh."



Dua Lipa's 'Physical' videography team, however, did get nominated four times for categories such as Best Choreography, Best Direction, Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects. This means, however, that if the nominations turn into wins, the actual award will not go to Dua Lipa herself.



As far as the current nominations, the aforementioned nominees appear in the highly coveted Video of the Year category, which has Eilish's 'Everything I Wanted' going toe-to-toe with Eminem and Juice WRLD's 'Godzilla', Future and Drake's 'Life Is Good', Gaga and Grande's 'Rain on Me', Taylor Swift's 'The Man', and The Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights'.

Based on the unpredictable happenings of 2020 so far, the VMAs have introduced two brand-new categories: Best Music Video From Home and Best Quarantine Performance. According to MTV, the categories will "spotlight the creative ways artistes adapted to the shifting landscape". 







MTV announced the nominees in its biggest categories via Twitter's new Voice Tweets feature on July 30. Last week, MTV unveiled the 17 nominees for PUSH Best New Artist, which have now come down to six. The VMAs for 2020 will air live at 8 pm ET/PT on Sunday, August 30, across MTV's linear and digital platforms from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, as well as from various iconic locations throughout New York City's five boroughs. Voting in each of the 15 gender-neutral categories begins today.

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