Carolyn Pawlenty: Derek Chauvin's mom called 'Karen' for describing son as 'honorable'

Carolyn Pawlenty used words like "loving" and "caring" to describe Derek Chauvin, a choice of words that did not sit well with social media users

                            Carolyn Pawlenty: Derek Chauvin's mom called 'Karen' for describing son as 'honorable'
Derek Chauvin's mother Carolyn Pawlenty has earned a new nickname on social media after her statement during her son's sentencing (Twitter)

Former police officer Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd on a Minneapolis street in May 2020 was sentenced to 22 and half years in prison on June 25, 2021. Chauvin's mother Carolyn Pawlenty took the stand during her son's sentencing. During her statement, she described her son as "a good man" and insisted that he is not racist, heartless or uncaring.

Despite several reports and people noticing that Chauvin didn't actually show any remorse. She spoke at length about how her son is overall a decent human being, even though, many pointed out online that he was recorded on camera kneeling on Floyd's neck, leading to his death. Pawlenty's statement has now earned her a new name online, that of Karen. Many Twitter users called Pawlenty out over her statement. She was largely slammed for saying she "will always believe in your innocence". She called her son a "quiet, honorable, and selfless man" and her "favorite son".


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She also used words like "loving" and "caring" to describe her son, a choice of words that did not sit well with social media users as many criticized her while others called her Karen. 

"Derek Chauvin’s mother just screams Karen," one user said. Another user said, "Is Derek Chauvin's mother named Karen? Because she is the most Karen of all the Karens who ever Karened." Yet another user said, "I Turn the channel when Derek chauvin's mother did her impact statement. What a Karen." Another user added along similar lines, "She's not just Derek Chauvin's mom.. she's the mother of all Karens."





People called her out for her statement. "Derek Chauvin’s mother is such a Karen. A bitch will always raise his kids to act like a bitch. Your evil son is going to jail. Good people with a good loving heart don't commit murders. #BlackLivesMatter #DerekChauvinSentencing." One wrote, "Your bore a killer and for Derek chauvin Mother to say he was a good man, She should have her ass put away too. Tired of these useless wyte karen tears."



Some users pointed out how Pawlenty did not take any responsibility. "derek chauvin’s mother trying to get him out of a murder charge is a full karen move," one said. 


Many people noticed that she did not address the victim's family at all. In fact, the name did not even appear once in her statement. "She's not sorry for the Floyd family's loss. She's sorry her son is seeing consequences for his actions," one pointed out. 


"Derek Chauvin's mother not once mentioned George Floyd's name in her impact statement, but only mentioned that her son was innocent. George Floyd was his name, and he too was innocent, but he can not say his name today because he was murdered by Mr. Chauvin in his custody," another said. 


"Derek Chauvin’s mother is a Karen. The apple fell from the tree and landed at the root. #DerekChauvinSentencing #DerekChauvin #GeorgeFloyd," another said.


Meanwhile, Chauvin spoke only briefly before the sentence was imposed. He only offered "condolences to the Floyd family". 

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