Derek Chauvin's mom Carolyn Pawlenty slammed for calling him a 'good man'

Many asked Derek Chauvin's mom Carolyn Pawlenty to think about George Floyd, the victim whose name did not even appear once in her statement

                            Derek Chauvin's mom Carolyn Pawlenty slammed for calling him a 'good man'
Derek Chauvin's mother Carolyn Pawlenty gave a statement during her son's sentencing for the murder of George Floyd (Twitter)

Derek Chauvin's mother took the stand during his sentencing on June 25, 2021, and what she said there has left many social media users livid. When Carolyn Pawlenty took the stand during her son's sentencing for George Floyd's May 2020 murder, she told him that she "will always believe in your innocence". In addition to that, she also told her son to stay strong and that she will do the same.

"Remember there is no stronger bond or love than a mother's love," she said. Needless to say, Chauvin's mother's speech during the sentencing has left the internet angry. "I have absolutely no interest in what Derek Chauvin's mother has to say... #ChauvinSentencing," one user wrote. Another user wrote, "Derek Chauvin’s mother is speaking now. Blah blah blah. No one cares. Sit down and hush up."


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During her statement, Chauvin's mother addressed the court saying, "My son is a good man.. When you sentence my son, you will also be sentencing me." She started her speech by saying that he is not a heartless person and that he is "loving" and "caring". Chauvin's mother also said how her son's identity is reduced to that of being a "racist". Twitter, however, was rather offended with her speech.

"Derek Chauvin’s mother is testifying. #DerekChauvinSentencing #DerekChauvin Speaking of how their family changed and how “difficult” it is to hear people describe him as an “aggressive person,” “racist.” “My son is a good man…Derek is a quiet, honorable, thoughtful man.” one pointed out. "Derek Chauvin's mother should have stayed home. Her son doesn't have a big heart," one user snapped back at Chauvin's mother.



Another user called out Chauvin's mother for her statement. "There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, Derek Chauvin's mother can say that will change my mind. "Loving and caring man"??? HARD NO." 


One user wrote, "I’m so sorry to have to say this about someone’s mother, but Derek Chauvin’s mother is grinding my gears. We watched your son MURDER George Floyd and you wanna stand there and talk about how much of a great man he is? Lady, please have several seats. #ChauvinSentencing."


Social media users did not mince their words when criticizing Pawlenty. "Derek Chauvin’s mother just said her son should not be sentenced to any jail time because it would punish his family as much as it would punish him. That is remarkably stupid. It’s as if she is saying George Floyd’s death didn’t impact anyone but Floyd himself," one user said. Many people did not buy her words. "While Derek Chauvin’s mother was going on and on about what a good man he is, and how she still believes he is innocent, this is all I could think about," one user wrote, accompanied with a picture of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd. 



Some people asked her to think about George Floyd, the victim whose name did not even appear in her statement. "Derek Chauvin’s mother is upset because “she won’t be able to hug her son again” How do you think Gianna Floyd feels? Save your white woman tears," one user wrote. 

"Derek Chauvin's mother not once mentioned George Floyd's name in her impact statement, but only mentioned that her son was innocent. George Floyd was his name, and he too was innocent, but he can not say his name today because he was murdered by Mr. Chauvin in his custody," another said.