Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau's steamy tongue play video goes viral, fans ask, 'are they dating?'

Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau's fans are shocked after Noah Cyrus blocked the two following their viral kissing video

                            Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau's steamy tongue play video goes viral, fans ask, 'are they dating?'
Tana Mongeau shared and quickly deleted a video of her kissing Demi Lovato (TikTok: @tanamongeau)

Controversial social media sensation Tana Mongeau has sent shockwaves through the internet by sharing a clip of herself kissing none other than Demi Lovato. The video was posted and deleted immediately, within minutes, but clearly, Mongeau's fans were faster than her at saving the clip as it's now become viral with social media indulging in speculations about whether the two are dating.


Mongeau, who's been long controversial for her fake wedding with fellow controversy magnet Jake Paul, has previously also dated Bella Thorne. The latest racy peek into the friendship of her and Lovato has therefore sparked worry as Mongeau fans want her to withdraw from 'washed up' Disney stars. Lovato fans have also expressed concern about the singer associating with the likes of controversial personalities like Mongeau and Nikita Dragun. But amid all the drama, theories about the two of them being a potential pair have involved Noah Cyrus too.


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Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau together?

The viral video shows close-ups of Lovato and Mongeau, sitting comfortably snuggled in the close frame. With one hand cusping Mongeau's jawline, Lovato smiles at the camera before they close their eyes and plant a sweet kiss on Mongeau's cheek. The audio in the background is a voice-over asking "Why does everybody think we f**ked?", and the camera shows Lovato and Mongeau licking each other's tongues. The two break into a cheeky grin maintaining the teasing vibe of the video posted from Mongeau's TikTok account. And that has set social media ablaze with curiosity over their potential romance.

"Is tana mongeeou actually dating Demi lovraro omg," asked a Twitter user, funnily misspelling both their last names. Another fan was concerned for Mongeau, as they tweeted: "Tana Mongeau went from dating Bella Thorne to making out with Demi Lovato. Enough with the washed up Disney stars ma’am." Lovato fans too expressed concern over the type of people they are choosing to hang out with. "demi is gonna lose everyone in their life if they continue to hang out with shitty people. alok, nikita, tana etc. their intentions may not be bad but they're literally dumb and y'all can't argue with me on that," wrote one user. 




Why did Noah Cyrus block Demi Lovato?

Not all that long ago, Lovato was spotted attending exclusive parties with none other than Miley Cyrus' little sis, Noah Cyrus. The two were spotted twice, back to back attending events holding hands. While those rumors never materialized into confirmations, it has now come under social media's notice that Cyrus has unfollowed Lovato on Instagram. The reason? Of course, the two were potentially an item. But the drama gets deeper with social media reminding people that Mongeau has also allegedly dated Cyrus in the past.

Social media is convinced the steamy tease between Lovato and Mongeau happened at Paris Hilton's intimate August 5 screening party for her upcoming Netflix show wear Lovato was in attendance wearing the same shirt they are wearing in the viral clip. As for what happened between her and Cyrus, anybody's guess is as good as any. One confused fan tried to make sense of the situation, and asked Twitter: "ok wait. demi lovato dated miley‘s little sister noah cyrus and now she‘s chilling w tana mongo who ALSO dated noah cyrus???? what is going on" Another one was equally shocked as they tweeted: "if you had told me 5 years ago that demi lovato and noah cyrus would be in a relationship only to break up because demi kissed TANA MONGEAU??? who happens to be noah cyrus’ ex??? at paris hilton’s house??? i would have had you locked up."