YouTuber Jake Paul says anxiety is self-created, can be cured by chilling, taking walks and talking to friends

Jake deletes the tweet, later tweets again saying his act was now spreading more awareness on anxiety

                            YouTuber Jake Paul says anxiety is self-created, can be cured by chilling, taking walks and talking to friends
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YouTuber Jake Paul started trending on Twitter late on Monday after he tweeted saying anxiety was a mental condition that was self-created and could be cured by simply chilling, taking a walk and talking to a friend. 

“Remember anxiety is created by you. Sometimes you gotta let life play out and remind yourself to be happy & that the answers will come” Jake wrote in a presently-deleted tweet, adding, "chill your mind, go for a walk, talk to a friend." 

Needless to say, people who had firsthand experience with mental health issues or had any real knowledge about anxiety, starting slamming the 23-year-old for suggesting that the condition can be solved so easily. With all the memes conjured by the people, Jake soon went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. 

"All of us are gettin cured of our anxiety disorders from jake paul’s tweet tonight... honestly a revolutionary moment" one user tweeted, while another commented, "Damn Jake Paul deleted his tweet guess I have anxiety again."

Yet a third poked fun at the YouTuber, who has almost 20 million subscribers and 13 million followers on Instagram, by suggesting that if anxiety could be self-created, so could other health conditions. 

Jake Paul attends the REVOLT X AT&T 3-Day Summit In Los Angeles - Day 2 at Magic Box on October 26, 2019 in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

"Remember diabetes is created by you chill your mind out go for a walk talk to a friend   #JakePaul says my anxiety disorder is created by me..... Then I'm such an asshole," the user wrote. 

Jake was aware of the fact that people were poking fun at his tone-deaf tweet and that his name was trending on the social media platform. As a result, he deleted his original tweet and replaced it by a tweet that said: "Everyone clowning my tweet but it’s now spreading more awareness about anxiety which i didn’t even know was a thing till I was 18 but had it my whole life & never knew how to deal with it." 

At the end of his new tweet, he attached a Healthline article with the title, "Do You Live with Anxiety? Here Are 11 Ways to Cope."

According to Mayo Clinic, anxiety disorders can range from stemming from medical conditions and phobias to being induced by substance abuse. "Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) includes persistent and excessive anxiety and worry about activities or events — even ordinary, routine issues. The worry is out of proportion to the actual circumstance, is difficult to control and affects how you feel physically," the site stated, adding that "There's no way to predict for certain what will cause someone to develop an anxiety disorder."

Some of the effective steps to help manage such disorders, however, include getting professional assistance early on when symptoms emerge, staying active and avoiding alcohol and drug use. 

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