Super-woke Demi Lovato now claims the term 'alien' is OFFENSIVE to extraterrestrials!

Social media users joked she's 'been drafted to negotiate some sort of peace treaty after her weird comment went viral

                            Super-woke Demi Lovato now claims the term 'alien' is OFFENSIVE to extraterrestrials!
The poster for 'Unidentified with Demi Lovato' (Instagram) and singer Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato/Instagram)

Singer Demi Lovato was trolled after their weird comments on aliens in an interview. The internet is currently busy trolling the 'Heart Attack' star after they dubbed the term "alien" derogatory. Instead, they want people to use the term "extraterrestrial" or ET, but not everyone is convinced. The controversy erupted as Lovato was busy promoting their new docuseries 'Unidentified with Demi Lovato', about aliens.

Before aliens though, Lovato made headlines in 2020 for their drug issues. As we reported, the singer overdosed on heroin in March and refused intervention days before. Thankfully Lovato made it out alive and well and has now turned their focus to aliens with some help from best friend Matthew and sister Dallas. The unscripted series is now available to stream on Peacock and consists of four episodes opening on Lovato's out-of-body experience they believe to be an alien abduction.


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As part of the promotion for that series, Lovato sat down for an interview with Pedestrian TV, where they made the claim the term alien was derogatory. That wasn't all though, Lovato had plenty to say about aliens and their experience with otherworldly visitors, with the show "bridges that gap" between Earth and outer space.


'Aliens is a derogatory term for anything'

Lovato isn't the first to slam the use of the term aliens, it has been done before albeit in politics. In late September, California signed into law a bill that bans the use of the term "illegal alien" to describe immigrants, with the debate over its usage spreading to other states as well. But for the longest time, there has been no pushback to the use of the term for otherworldly visitors, whether in government or in Hollywood. Not anymore though, if Lovato has their way.

"I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them ETs!" Lovato told Pedestrian TV. They added that the decision came based on "A little information that I learned," but they didn't specify where that source was. Nonetheless, Lovato was clear that she wants to avoid the term, so much so the Pedestrian TV article completely avoids using alien altogether.

Lovato also had some strong words for those that believe aliens would invade our planet one day. "I think that they are looking for nothing but peaceful encounters and interactions because like I said, if they wanted us gone, we would have been gone a long time ago!" before adding, "Why would they want our planet when we’re running it into the ground?" However, Lovato's claim of the term alien being offensive quickly caught the eye of the internet, with users having plenty to say.

'You can never please activists'

One person joked, "BREAKING: Demi Lovato has been drafted by the US government to sing skyscraper to the aliens again to try and negotiate some sort of peace treaty after today’s cyber attack." Another used the meme template of Leonardo DiCaprio to tweet, "Aliens, who don’t exist or at least we don’t have a concrete proof they do, seeing Demi Lovato advocating their rights on planet earth." One person though didn't find it funny, and instead slammed, "Why can’t Demi Lovato just stick to singing? Like why ruin your career?? How is word “alien” offensive?"




One user tweeted, "Okay, but what else does Demi Lovato suggest we call aliens? Like an actual alien from outer space? A Martian?" Another commented, "lol at Demi Lovato saying that calling extraterrestrials "aliens" is offensive. You can never please activists. They can and do get offended by anything. They just have an endless desire to cancel others." One said, "Demi Lovato calling out the word “aliens” is the most Demi Lovato thing ever."




While that claim dominated the conversation, it was not the only interesting tidbit to come from the interview. Lovato also revealed her plan to return to music, as well as to "back into acting and continuing my podcast." In the meantime, you can catch Lovato in their docuseries, out now on Peacock. Apart from Demi, Dallas, and Matthew, the show also features cameos from Seth Meyers, Demi's mom Dianna De La Garza.

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