Demi Lovato, who refused intervention days before overdose, says she is 'grateful to be alive' and will go to rehab

While it's not clear what Demi overdosed on, reports suggest that she had been using methamphetamine before she was found unresponsive in her Hollywood Hills home

                            Demi Lovato, who refused intervention days before overdose, says she is 'grateful to be alive' and will go to rehab
Demi Lovato (Source:Getty Images)

Demi Lovato's sudden 'heroin overdose' shook her fans and friends alike, despite it happening just weeks after the 'Sober' singer revealed her relapse following six years of sobriety. However, the harrowing discoveries being made post her overdose are even more shocking. Demi was found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills home by her assistant after an alleged overdose on Tuesday.

It hasn't been confirmed yet what exactly she overdosed on, but while sources reveal Demi is "very grateful to be alive" and is about to re-enter rehab. The incident took place after a night out at a bar following months of partying where she was accompanied by friends.

So far, it had been revealed that she was initially treated with the overdose reversal drug Narcan by those surrounding her at the time of the incident. The same people called for medical help and left the scene before emergency workers could even arrive.

Demi Lovato performs at Y100's Jingle Ball 2017 at BB&T Center on December 17, 2017 in Sunrise, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)


As per eyewitnesses' account to E! News, Demi was out drinking with a big group of friends at the Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles the night before and she was "taking shots with her friends," the person said. "Demi wasn't like super sloppy or wasted, definitely was drinking though. Her friends were cheering her on when she took a shot," they added.

Sources have shared that they were celebrating her choreographer's birthday at the bar, after which they took the party to her house. Yet another source mentions that this isn't a one-time wild parting frenzy as Demi and her friends have been partying hard for several months now. What's shocking is a fourth source's account of how Demi has been on several similar benders for a while and, recently, her home had become the after party central for her and her friends.

"She had been partying for 12 straight hours and it caught up with her," a fifth source told E! News. "This was going on for a few weeks and the warning signs were there. She slipped up and thought she could handle it. This is obviously a huge wake-up call. Demi doesn't want to die and she's very grateful to be alive. She will be leaving the hospital and heading straight to rehab. Her family has been by her side supporting her and is getting her the help she needs."

While some sources are convinced that "it wasn't heroin" that she had overdosed on, TMZ's reports of how she was found allude to the substance being equally damaging as she was found unconscious and unresponsive in her bed after she hadn't left her bedroom by 11 am.

She was still unconscious when paramedics arrived, and all of this was after the night of wild partying where her immediate responders had given her Narcan. Upon regaining consciousness, Demi apparently refused to divulge what she had been using, but reports have suggested it was methamphetamine. It has also been revealed since that she refused to partake in an intervention just days prior ot the overdose.

So far, the only confirmation of what's happening and how she has been doing has arrived from a rep for the singer, who released a statement, saying: “Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support. Some of the information being reported is incorrect and they respectfully ask for privacy and not speculation as her health and recovery is the most important thing right now.”

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.