Lilia Valutyte murder: Photo shows accused Deivadas Skebas being kissed by 2 women days after arrest

Lilia Valutyte murder: Photo shows accused Deivadas Skebas being kissed by 2 women days after arrest
Deividas Skebas caughtbeing kissed by two women before his conviction for stabbing 9-year-old girl (Facebook/Lina Savicke/Instagram)

Two woman were seen kissing Deividas Skebas -- who has been accused of killing a nine-year-old child by stabbing her in a town square -- at a family gathering in a picture that has surfaced after his arrest. Skebas, a 22-year-old Lithuanian fruit picker, was sent to jail in the killing of Lilia Valutyte after his appearance at Lincoln Crown Court on Monday, August 1.
Lilia was allegedly murdered by Skebas last Thursday, July 28, while using a hula hoop with her sister near her mother's needlework shop in the heart of Boston, Lincolnshire. A knife wound was discovered on her body which was found in Fountain Lane at 6:20 pm. Despite the doctors' best attempts, they were unable to save her. Skebas was taken into custody on Saturday.



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A snapshot from Skebas's past, taken at a family gathering before he was accused of the crime, shows him being kissed by two women.
The judge postponed the case until a plea and case preparation sitting on September 19, when a temporary court hearing will be set, because no bail application was presented.
Lilia was found dead within 100 yards of the city's renowned St Botolph's Church, also known as the Boston Stump. It is alleged that she was stabbed while playing with her younger sister outside of the Sava Code screen printing and embroidery shop, which her mom, Lina Savicke, founded in March of this year.
An outpouring of sadness over Lilia's death has occurred in a town with a sizeable Eastern European population. Lilia was described as an angel and "one of the most beautiful creatures" by her family and friends. "None will feel her mother's pain. The girl was a ray of the sunlight, just like her parents, who were the main helpers of our community and school events. The pain is unspeakable. We are devastated by this shocking news! Rest in peace, little angel," the family said. Locals have put hundreds of flower bouquets and stuffed toys at the top of Fountain Lane in memory of Lilia.
Skebas hails from the northeastern Lithuanian industrial city of Utena, where some of his relatives still reside. He is claimed to have relocated to the UK, traveled back to his own country, and then later returned to Boston. Over the weekend, forensic detectives investigated a home that looked out over Central Park in Boston.
According to Chief Superintendent Martyn Parker, Lilia's murder was saddening, and the case has impacted many residents in Boston and beyond. "Our thoughts continue to be with Lilia's family at this exceptionally difficult time," Parker added.
According to the Lincolnshire Police, highly skilled policemen were providing assistance to Lilia's parents at this time of need.


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