Daz Dillinger fuming at Kanye's pro-Trump stance, urges Crips gang members to beat him up

Daz, whose real name is Delmar Drew Arnaud, made the apparent threat in a video posted to his Instagram, which was later removed

                            Daz Dillinger fuming at Kanye's pro-Trump stance, urges Crips gang members to beat him up
Kanye West (Source: Getty Images)

Kanye West has been the center of attention ever since he came back to social media only to support the views of Donald Trump. While many celebrities refrained themselves from talking about it, Daz Dillinger is not holding back. The rapper is letting Kanye know that he is not a fan of his views when it comes to politics. 

After seeing numerous tweets and posts from Kanye with regard to Trump, Daz took to his own social media account to put forward his thoughts on Kanye's new views. In the first video posted by him, Daz compared Kanye to an enslaved man who was listening to what his master had to say. "It's like, we all in one boat, and they killing all of us, and he jumps over there and says, 'Master, I'm on your side master. I got all the information. I'm with you master Trump,'" Daz explained according to Daily Mail

He then urged the members of the crisps to act if they happen to spot Kanye anywhere. "National alert. All the Crips out there, Y'all f*** Kanye up. You see that motherf***er, f*** his ass up on GP,' Daz said. "Better not ever see you around the LBC [Long Beach, California], better not ever see you around California. Stay in Calabasas."

Kanye and his support for views of Trump came to light after he took to Twitter and wrote "2024". People believed that the rapper was hinting he would run for President at that year as it had been a thought he had often spoken about. He also took to Twitter to share posters of  “Keep America Great” along with the hashtag #Kanye2024. However, he took the picture down soon after. 

Kanye and Trump have often seen together and the President has also referred to the rapper as "greatest living rock star on the planet”. While many people started slamming Kanye for supporting Trump, he took to Twitter to make it clear that not everything that Trump did was accepted by him. He wanted people to know that both of them shared certain ideology and that had been the reason he supported him. 

"My wife just called me and she wanted me to make this clear to everyone. I don't agree with everything Trump does. I don't agree 100% with anyone but myself," he wrote on Twitter. Ever since then, Kanye has been unstoppable about his views and still continues to do so.