Did Kanye West just confirm his 2024 presidential run on Twitter?

Kanye had earlier announced his run in 2020 but has moved it by 4 years because he doesn't want to run against his friend Donald Trump.

                            Did Kanye West just confirm his 2024 presidential run on Twitter?
Donald Trump and Kanye West (Getty Images)

We are no strangers to the many eccentricities of hip-hop icon Kanye West. The latest of these was a short four-digit cryptic tweet on Twitter that simply read "2024". Could mean anything right?

Not really. This might just be Yeezy's way of confirming his possible presidential run six years from now.

Just yesterday (April 23), the Life of Pablo rapper published a photo on Twitter featuring this “Keep America Great” poster, with the hashtag #Kanye2024, although it was almost immediately taken down. But that didn't stop fans from grabbing a screenshot and reposting it.  

Of course, West announcing a presidential run is nothing new. In 2015, he used his MTV Video Music Awards speech to tout a 2020 shot at the White House. But he later revised that time frame following Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory and the pair’s subsequent meeting in Trump Tower during which West talked with the president-elect about schools and violence in Chicago.

So it's understandable that after striking an unlikely friendship with Donald Trump, the self proclaimed "greatest living rock star on the planet” has opted to delay his candidacy to 2024.

Kanye met Donald Trump when he was President-elect, and announced his plans to run for the White House in 2020 during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, but then delayed the time frame to 2024. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

It’s unclear with which political party, if any, West would seek candidacy. But in 2016, he said he’d have voted for Trump had he cast a ballot. And over the weekend, West expressed his admiration for conservative commentator Candace Owens. So it might not be too much of a shot-in-the-dark to say it might be the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, potential future first lady Kim Kardashian is yet to comment on any of this. But as Kanye recently pointed out in one of his tweets, she did call him up and ask him to certify his stance on his friendship with Trump, which the rapper did in his own inimitable style.