Is David Bromstad dating? How 'My Lottery Dream Home' host's relationship with Jeffrey Glasko ended up messy

Bromstad was dating Jeffrey Glasko for 11 years and when they broke up in 2015, things took an ugly turn

                            Is David Bromstad dating? How 'My Lottery Dream Home' host's relationship with Jeffrey Glasko ended up messy
David Bromstad has been an HGTV staple since the time he won 'Design Star' in 2006 (Instagram)

David Bromstad, the color-loving host of 'My Lottery Dream Home' is coming back to dominate TV screens yet again with a brand new season. Bromstad is loved for his upbeat attitude and infectious energy he brings to the shows. His Instagram too paints a happy picture but the smiling star hit a rough patch in 2015 and had his name dragged through the mud by his ex-boyfriend who made startling accusations against Bromstad.

The winner of 'Design Star' started dating Jeffrey Glasko shortly after meeting him at a pub in Firestone in Orlando in 2004 on Valentine's Day. Bromstad had his eyes on Glasko even before the meeting but didn't have the courage to ask him out. However, they hit it off at the singles mixer even at the pub and continued dating for a decade after which came a very messy and ugly breakup.


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Glasko's allegations

Bromstad and Glasko received a lot of love from their fans and the two were even expected to tie the knot. However, things suddenly went sour and Jeffrey decided to call it quits with Bromstad and filed a lawsuit. The Miami-Dade County, Florida, circuit court judge who presided over the case said some allegations in the lawsuit were “among the most scandalous I’ve ever reviewed” before striking them out. Glasko had filed a civil lawsuit against Bromstad for breach of an oral nuptial-like cohabitation contract and partition of the condo they shared.


In court filings, Glasko had alleged that he was left emotionally and financially devastated after Bromstad got enraptured in a dark world of drugs, alcohol and sex. After his initial complaint was struck out, Glasko filed an amended complaint in December 2015 but he included shocking accusations in the documents. “On or about 2010, [Da­vid] began using funds shared with [Jeffrey] to pay for illicit drugs and prostitutes resulting in a loss of trust and confidence,” the legal papers charged

However, the judge struck out the second complaint against the HGTV host as well and the breach of contract claim was squashed as well. Bromstad's lawyer spoke on his behalf stating the accusations were made by a "salacious person". William V Ripollo who represented Bromstad said, "The allegations are part of a lawsuit that has been dismissed in Mr. Bromstad’s favor with sanctions levied against [Jeffrey Glasko].”


Is David Bromstad dating? 

Going by his Instagram account, David is not dating currently and seems to be enjoying his single life to the fullest. Currently, his Instagram is filled with pictures of himself mostly. Last year, David posted a shirtless picture to mark his 47th birthday. "Omg I’m so old today! 47. But u know what? I love it. I’m just that much closer to retiring. But I’ll never retire from loving on u. That will be my forever full-time gig and I’m honored to hold it. Happy Birthday to me! Love all your faces!" read the post.

'My Lottery Dream Home' will premiere its new season on May 7, 2021, at 9 pm ET on HGTV. 

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