Danneel Ackles dubbed 'marketing queen' after Insta post with hubby and Misha Collins book

Jensen Ackles snapped posing with Misha Collins' new book, breaks the internet as users gush over Instagram post: 'throw me into the ocean'

                            Danneel Ackles dubbed 'marketing queen' after Insta post with hubby and Misha Collins book
Danneel and Jensen Ackles (@Daneel Ackles/Instagram) with an insert of Misha Collins (Misha Collins/Instagram)

Danneel Ackles has once again become the subject of much discussion on Twitter. The 'One Tree Hill' star nearly broke the internet on October 11, after sharing an Instagram post featuring her husband Jensen Ackles. It wasn't any ordinary photo though. The pic appeared to be a promo for author and actor Misha Collins' new book 'Some Things I Still Can't Tell You'. We can't say for certain if it was, but that's the theory floating on social media.

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins nearly broke the internet in March 2019, when it was confirmed the end of 'Supernatural' with Season 15. The end provided both actors with a fresh start, with Jensen joining forces with his wife to create a production company. As for Misha, he went viral after posting a selfie with close friend Darius Marder from the 2021 Oscars. But after 15 years together, it's kind of hard to stay apart.


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Daneel acknowledged the trio's closeness with her Instagram post. While it didn't feature Misha at all, he was nonetheless tagged since his book was in the pic. The book is a collection of poems by Misha and is his debut poetry collection. The book is described as a "compilation of small observations and musings. It's filled with moments of reflection and a love letter to simple joys." It will be released on October 12, 2021, and is available from most major retailers.


'Thanks for the glimpse'

With the book not yet out, it seems the Ackles' got their hands on an advance copy. According to Danneel's Instagram post, it seems Misha sent the couple a copy, and they wasted no time in getting to it. Jensen has been snapped sitting in front of a fireplace, reading the book. Danneel shared that pic with the caption, "After 13 years we thought we knew it all…
It turns out we didn’t. It turns out… Our friend @Misha is an open book with one hundred and thirty-five pages. It is a gift to see into a friend’s soul. Thanks for the glimpse and the page turner, Mish." 

That quickly broke the internet as it jumped from Instagram to the wider web. At the time of reporting, the post has garnered 107,893 likes. Interestingly, Misha is also tagged in the post, just above Jensen. That became another huge talking point on social media. Here's just a small sample of what Twitter users have to say about the post.


'Are you trying to kill me first thing in the morning?'

One user tweeted, "no but you don't understand. we need a joined misha, danneel and jackles project. it would break tumblr, it would break twitter. it would bring chaos. it would be glorious." Another said, "danneel promoting misha's poetry book "using" jackles. a true marketing queen that knows the audience. lmao." One person commented, "danneel tagging misha over Jensen’s heart THROW ME INTO THE OCEAN."





"Ok, but Jensen with that hair, in that jacket... damn you Danneel, are you trying to kill me first thing in the morning?" one person asked. Another said, "Danneel showing Misha she understands the market Misha’s book brings in." Another tweeted, "how can danneel just post something like this and expect me to be normal about it \£\¥\&@//$!"





One user tweeted, '"danneel tagging misha over jensen’s heart and calling misha “mish” is all i needed today thank you goodbye." Another said, "the friendship between jensen danneel and misha is truly something unique and special I LOVE THEM SM DMFJDKV."




Published by Andrews McMeel, Misha's poetry collection is listed for $13.49 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Early reviews had widely praised the book, with one website saying it's a book "you truly won’t want to put down." But those reviews don't seem to have done as much for Misha as Danneel's Instagram post. 

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