What is Danielle Busby's mystery illness? 'OutDaughtered' star visited numerous docs, but 'still no answers'

At this point, Danielle has visited a cardiologist, rheumatologist and gastroenterologist, in order to rule out any possibility. However, all of them have given her no answers or a cure

                            What is Danielle Busby's mystery illness? 'OutDaughtered' star visited numerous docs, but 'still no answers'
Danielle Busby from TLC's 'OutDaughtered' (@dbusby/ Instagram)

Being a mother to six kids is bound to take an emotional toll on anyone, even if they are as patient as Danielle Busby. For those who tuned in to 'OutDaughtered' week after week, it has been heartbreaking to watch the star deal with high levels of stress and anxiety, combined with physical pain. Back in 2020, Danielle began to experience some alarming sensations in her hands and legs, which landed her in the hospital. However, during that visit, she received no answers as to why she was in pain.

Between last year and this year, Danielle has found herself in and out of hospitals and doctor visits, having had to see cardiologists and rheumatologists. Initially, doctors had mentioned that there might be a need for surgery which only spiked Danielle's anxiety about the same, seeing that she is the mother of six girls, all of whom need her around and more importantly, need her to be healthy.

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While the Busbys have been more than consistent with their hospitals and doctors visits, unfortunately there seems to be no end in sight -- they still don't have answers on what exactly is happening. As reported by PEOPLE, the star is trying to be as patient as possible with her process. "What I'm learning is that it's an uphill journey of trying to discover some type of possible autoimmune disease," she said. "So it's not something that's easily identified. [My] symptoms are so random and so extreme on certain days and like, a little bit more calm or relaxed on other days," she explained.

While the whole ordeal has been stressful, the couple has been dealing with it together. "I've definitely been on a journey of trying to figure out what's going on and what's wrong and seen multiple doctors. At this point, we've outweighed a lot of things and have had struggles with some things, but still no answers," Danielle added. However, despite everything, its been difficult for doctors to give the family an accurate diagnosis as to what exactly is happening. "It seems like every new test and every new doctor that she goes to, it's like checking boxes and checking things off the list," Adam explained. "But it just leads to another test and you kind of rule something out, but we're not necessarily any closer to a for sure diagnosis yet," he added.



Danielle also opened up recently to US Weekly, revealing that the situation regarding a diagnosis had not progressed. At this point, she's visited a cardiologist, rheumatologist and a gastroenterologist, in order to rule out any possibility. However, all of which have been without much luck, seeing that she does "not feel any better or cured by any means." If anything, she's experienced "a lot more pain and physical" since November of last year.


"I’m not capable to do these things, but then I might today physically feel better. It’s hard because I am a go-go person and constant multitasker," the mom-of-six and multiple business owner explained. "It definitely has been hard for me to slow down and just kind of realize my body says, ‘No, I can’t do this.’ I’m still working to discover what’s the underlying issue with inflammation and everything that’s going on, " she said.

The entire ordeal has taken a toll on the stars children as well. "They are aware that, you know, there’s stuff going on and Mommy’s trying to figure out why she hurts or whatever," Danielle explained, talking about the quints. "I think that is the hardest part, is to say, ‘No, I can’t do this for you,’ because I physically can’t. That’s probably the hardest thing to, like, digest, you know, ‘Mommy, let me get on your back, give me piggyback ride.’ And I’m, like, I literally, I can’t do that. I think that’s harder than physically dealing with the pain," she added. Here's hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

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