Will Hazel Bubsy have to get surgery again? Doctor’s visit reveals ‘OutDaughtered’ star’s eye condition

Seeing that this is Hazel's first appointment in 10 months due to Covid-19, Adam and Danielle are visibly worried - will she need surgery immediately?

                            Will Hazel Bubsy have to get surgery again? Doctor’s visit reveals ‘OutDaughtered’ star’s eye condition
Hazel Grace Busby from 'OutDaughtered' on TLC (@dbusby/Instagram)

If there's anything that can be said about Hazel Busby, it's that she's an absolute trooper. With her fiery red hair, adorable smile and positive attitude, Hazel really is a little ray of sunshine.

But, for Hazel, growing up hasn't been all that easy, owing to her nystagmus. While Adam and Danielle have done everything in their control, including surgery to help correct the condition, Hazel has to keep getting her eyes checked.

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What is wrong with Hazel Grace Busby's eyes? Here's why 'OutDaughtered' star requires surgery for her condition

In the latest episode, we see the Busbys visit Dr Megan, for a follow-up check-up regarding Hazel's eyes, to see if she will require surgery. Both Adam and Danielle are equally nervous regarding the outcome. The Busbys went to a physical appointment after 10 months. Over a video call, Dr Megan did mention that Hazel might have to get surgery this year - so this physical appointment might be the deciding factor for the family. Danielle expressed that she's concerned about Hazel's right eye crossing in. Hazel also said that she likes to visit Dr Megan, but she also gets nervous.

After running a few tests, Dr Megan delivers the verdict. The location of Hazel's astigmatism has changed in her right eye, but Dr Megan assures the Busby's that she is in the clear for now and that surgery might be in the future, possibly next year. However, they will have to keep an eye out at school and check in with her teacher, in case a problem comes up. Other than a change in prescription, Hazel Grace was in the clear.



As reported by PEOPLE, Adam and Danielle spoke about how Hazel wears an eye patch to help improve her vision. By wearing an eyepatch, it helps Hazel improve her vision in her left eye. "She has two different prescriptions in both of her eyes, and so when we updated the prescription, she found that her vision was changing," Danielle said, explaining why Hazel has to wear an eye patch for at least two hours, daily. "It was getting good, but that one eye was just a little bit weaker. So just to kind of strengthen it, we covered the other one up a little bit a day," she added. Hazel was on her best behavior during the appointment.

We're glad to know that our favorite fiery red-head is doing well. Watch 'OutDaughtered' Season 8 on TLC every Tuesday at 8 pm ET. 

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