Why does Hazel Busby wear an eyepatch? Here's what happened during 'OutDaughtered' star's eye appointment

Why does Hazel Busby wear an eyepatch? Here's what happened during 'OutDaughtered' star's eye appointment
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Hazel Busby is a brave little girl. Despite her nystagmus, she doesn't let much stop her. Her parents, Danielle and Adam Busby, also follow up regularly with her eye doctor, to get an update on her condition. Her previous appointment went rather well, seeing that her doctor, Dr Megan said that she doesn't require surgery immediately, much to Adam and Danielle's relief.

However, Dr Megan did have them follow up, seeing that it was not entirely easy to gauge just how much progress Hazel had made, seeing that she still struggled with opening up to her doctor. On this week's episode, the Busby's had a follow-up appointment, seeing that Danielle had a chance to speak to Hazel's teachers regarding any unusual behavior in class. Her teachers mentioned that while she does tend to come right ahead of the class when she can't see something on the board, but she doesn't seem to turn her head as much.

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Dr Megan had Hazel do a few eye tests, before concluding that surgery wasn't an immediate need, however, Hazel's left eye was crossing. Her right was considerably stronger, so it was important to strengthen the left eye as well. Dr Megan suggested that Hazel wear an eye patch for at least two hours a day to help her with the same.

Hazel seemed apprehensive about the change, seeing that when producers asked her if she liked to wear the eyepatch, she responded saying she doesn't know why she has to wear it. Danielle seemed equally worried about the onslaught of questions that would come from the other quints -- she didn't want Hazel to feel conscious about the sudden change. As expected, the questions came in, with Riley even asking if Hazel got 'her eye out'. Danielle was quick to respond that it was to make her eye super strong. After a little probing, the quints seemed to warm up to the idea of Hazel's new look, seeing that Parker told her she likes it while Ava thought it was cool.

Hazel too, seemed to embrace her new 'look'. She told producers that she likes her eyepatch because it's pretty, although it does get sticky. Trust Hazel Basil to be a real trooper!

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